Wednesday, May 27, 2015

our weekend in photos

is there anything better than a 3 day weekend? how about a bucket full of beautifully pink peonies from trader joe's? i grabbed a bunch to start off our weekend.

then i met up with my sister and our friend jen for some mimosas at market city caffe.

when bobby and i lived in burbank we would have dinner here all the time.  it was within walking distance of our apartment and yes, we came for the breadsticks, but their food was tasty too.  i didn't know they had brunch on the weekends, and unlimited mimosas.

they ordered crab cakes, bagel and smoked salmon.

i got the avocado and egg toast.

we spent the morning talking and enjoying some girl time. it was also a little bit of creative time. we are all writers and we want to encourage each other to write, create and take some chances.

we also got together to see pitch perfect 2.

love that the bathrooms have movie quotes on the mirrors.  this is one of my favorites.

i thought the movie was good but not as funny as the first one. great music and some laughs so it is worth seeing.

sunday we went to our cousins' baby's first birthday party. they had decorated in a farm theme and had so many sweet details. i remember when i used to throw birthday parties like this. now we order some pizza and take kids to the movies.

the cake was adorable.

i think he liked it.

it's wonderful to see the cousins growing up, getting married and having families of their own.

monday we hung out around the house while sofia had a playdate. then we went to my sister and brother in law's for burgers

and a movie.  we wanted to show the kids the three amigos. we quote it all the time around here and knew they would love it.  i was in charge of the snacks. i made popcorn and filled buckets with our favorite candy. i tried making kettle corn too but i need a little more practice to get it right.

i feel like this weekend had everything; family time, girl time, movie time, happy time and real good food time.

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Mackenzie said...

So glad we got to see you this weekend at Aiden's party!