Wednesday, May 6, 2015

our weekend in photos

art from banana republic.
i am so frustrated right now. in order to write this post i had to upload my photos. in order to upload my photos i had to delete files on my computer, "disk is full." in order to delete files i had to move files to the external hard drive. and even after doing all of that. i still didn't have enough room to upload all of my photos. it was taking too long so i just uploaded what i could.  pulling my hair out!!

here's what i was able to get.

friday night was dodger night with the northridge softball league.

the three of us had fun at the all-you-can-eat buffet, doing the wave in the bleachers and almost (not really) catching the grand slam ball that came into our area.

she had fun hanging out with her teammates and cheering on the dodgers.

after the dodger win, we all went down to the field to watch the friday night fireworks.

saturday morning i had my last training run of the season. i was so excited to find out we were only doing 5.5 miles. it was still hard but it was over quick.  then we collected our team shirts, a banana and the schedule for this week.  the next time we get together will be at the race.

our team shirts.

i took jordan to his concert at forest lawn while bobby had a meeting at school and then took sofia to her softball game.  the concert was great. i especially loved the song "a day at the zoo" that the concert band played and "how to train your dragon" played by the symphonic band.

after the concert, awards are given out to students for different achievements. it's wonderful to see that hard work, talent and dedication to this program is recognized.

this year jordan earned his letter for being in band for two years. he was also awarded the silver knight band award for his service to the band and outstanding musicianship.

saturday night, the 7th grade class parents got together for a social. these usually happen at the beginning of the year but there was so much going on and the year just seemed to get away from all of us. so may seemed like the perfect time to get together.

the theme was fiesta.  we had tacos, rice, beans, chips, salsa and a margarita bar.  this is an amazing group of parents that i am happy to call my friends.  we have lots of fun together.

like the piƱata. bobby took the first turn at it and with one whack of the bat he broke the thing wide open. there was candy of course, but also gift cards and movie tickets.  we got lucky and scored some goodies.

then we all hung out by the fire and laughed and talked. it was such a fun night.

on sunday bobby took andrew to his baseball game and i took sofia to the mother's luncheon. it was great to have this event hosted at a venue rather than on campus with the testy weather. the room looked amazing with all of the table decorations and lovely girls and moms all dressed up.

the girls had a blast on the dance floor. then we had lunch, played some games, did some shopping and had an opportunity drawing. we left a little unhappy about not winning the american girl doll but we were glad everyone had a good time.

we were home for just an hour and then we went to sofia's softball game.

it was a close game but we managed another victory. yay. now on to playoffs.

lots of fun and some rest in between. our weekends are looking better every week. that's great cause i'll need lots of time to clean out my computer. ugh!

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