Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

if i could share some pictures

hi everyone. hope you are staying cool. it has been terribly hot here, over 100 degrees. and we have had one of those weekends full of fun things, but really tiring. our computer is still out of service, not sure when we will get it back. we did go look at the new imacs yesterday. so tempting, especially with our tax rebate sitting in the bank.

i can't access our photo library but if i could

{insert picture of jordan bouncing on the trampoline at school}

we went to the boys' school for their picnic fund raiser. the kids had a great time jumping in the bouncy house, going down the slide, jumping on the huge trampoline and climbing the rock wall .

{insert picture of bobby at the top of the rock wall}

we then headed over to the baseball field to watch andrew play. he did awesome at first base and got two outs.

{insert picture of andrew being baseball ready and looking cute in his uniform}

these games are really getting exciting to watch.

finally, we headed to sofia's pre-school for their spring picnic. more fun games, ice cream and gift baskets. i did win a cool picnic basket with plates, cups, bowls and a $25 gift card to von's. we were just there for a little bit and everyone was exhausted.

{insert picture of the kids with all of their prizes. oh and sofia's face is filthy from dirt and popsicle}

we could not wait to get home, take showers and put the kids to bed. the heat was really a drag. i can't wait to get to bed.

{insert picture of me cozy in bed. not really but you get the idea}

hope everyone had a good weekend. can't wait to get our computer back, or get the new one. hmmmmmmmmm . . . .

Monday, May 12, 2008

technology aghhhhhhh

so, our computer is not working. it is both frustrating and freeing. i realize how much i depend on the computer/internet; checking email for important information . . .ok for sales at gap, but that's important to me, looking up a phone number, keeping up with online classes, and just being connected. so i'm taking this time to do other things. things that i don't do because i am on the computer.

it looks like we need a new hard drive and we may have even lost some data. but the guy at the genius bar was so cool. he was helping me with my computer, resetting someone else's ipod and helping someone else with their iphone. seriously, when i grow up i want to be a mac genius. i've been calling around getting repair quotes and now i am proficient in mac-speak. 80 gigs, 4200 rpm, data recovery. i even sound like i know what that all means. that is until one guy started talking about api and isi's. huh?

so i do have a post that i started with pictures and an update but i can't access that until the computer is fixed and that may take a few days. also don't email me cause that's not working either. thank goodness bobby brought home his work computer so i can log in and check out the latest.

hope everyone is doing well. and i hope you had a wonderful mother's day. as soon as i am back in business i will post pics from andrew's birthday.

see you soon!