Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 18

new cookbooks added to my collection.
we made it through the week without bobby here.  took a bit more planning, some extra help from the kids and getting up just a little bit earlier.  but we did it.  and now we are so happy he's home.

the next few weeks are going to be out of the ordinary as well.  the kids have school trips, my run is coming up and then it's time to get ready for end of the school year and graduation.  yikes!  it's gonna go by so fast.

looking for some inspiration on my meals.  anyone have any suggestions, or recommendations on something delicious you've had recently?  right now, for me it's about fuel; protein and carbs to get me through these last few weeks of training.

weekend eats:
saturday: chinese take out
sunday: enchiladas de mole, rice, and menchie's

making this week:
monday: chili lime pork tenderloin, rice, salad
tuesday: baked lump crab cakes on greens
wednesday: eat out (ccd for sofia, volleyball game for jordan and baseball game for andrew. who has time to make dinner?)
thursday: chicken tostadas
friday: pizza

enjoy the last few days of april!

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 17

romato tomato soup covered with puffed pastry.
ahh, monday morning.  the weekend is behind us and we have much to do this week.  actually, not a lot but enough to fill our day and make the week go by quickly.

trying to be ahead of the game this week.  concentrating on easy to make meals that we all love. right now i am in need of some serious grocery shopping.  i'll stock the fridge and the pantry and be ready to go when hunger strikes.  at least i hope so.

weekend eats:
saturday: school fundraiser dinner
sunday: subway sandwiches at the park

making this week:
monday: pasta with turkey sausage
tuesday: bbq chicken sandwiches with cole slaw, oven fries
wednesday: tomato soup and grilled cheese
thursday: kids' choice
friday: pizza

hope your week is fantastic!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

currents: 4.18

feeling like i might be catching jordan's cold.

thinking about how to get andrew's confidence back at the plate.

creating forms and emails and piles

hoping jordan has a good volleyball game today

needing to get rid of the piles.

wishing i had all the answers and two more sets of hands.

thankful for friendships, support, and guidance.

enjoying my first quiet morning in a long time.

knowing that i have to face that run today.

remembering my run from monday. it was awesome!

loving that bobby and sofia got to go to the dodger game together last night. (and that they brought home hello kitty blankets.)

ignoring the fact that next week will be tough without bobby around.

excited for him.

praying for the victims of so much tragedy this week - bombs, fires, politics.

believing that goodness will prevail.

Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 16

i only have about 2 minutes to figure out what i am making for dinner and then get to the list and to the grocery store.

the good thing is that we have a wacky dinner schedule this week.  so our meals may be granola bars, cheez its and subway sandwiches.  but i'll hope for the best.

weekend eats:
saturday: sushi from kabuki (soon to be katsuya!)
sunday: dine out at los toros - lots of chips and bean dip, and a margarita

making this week:
monday: leftovers from last night - we ate so many chips and bean dip that we brought home most of our dinners.
tuesday: grown up grilled cheese sandwiches - while we are running to open house at school
wednesday: marlins baseball for the boys, dodgers baseball for the girls - so it's ballpark food for all
thursday: rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans (we didn't have that last week)
friday: pizza and i'm making this for dessert

hey, i did it!  menu is all set. movin' on.

have a nice week.

Friday, April 12, 2013

around here: april

working from school today is helping me get a lot done.  i've met with a caterer, turned in my gala rsvp, sent out countless emails, shared our dine out for this weekend, finished up a flyer, and wrote this post.  pretty productive morning. but i'm sitting right next to the cafe and that is making me hungry.

the marlins have new uniforms.  we are hoping that will help andrew out of his slump.

bobby's on a new softball team. they had their first game last night.

enough said.
jordan is really enjoying volleyball.  tuesday he tied the game with his powerful serve in a nail biter. they eventually won.
flowers are  blooming inside
and out.

and my allergies are at an all time high.

still my favorite after run treat.

we are loving our keurig.

looking forward to a weekend of baseball, musicals and mexican food.  can't beat that.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

presidential walk through time

yesterday the 5th grade class put together a morning with the presidents.  the kids have been working on their reports for a few weeks and then they had to do a speech about why their president should be voted into the presidential hall of fame.

andrew chose to do his report on george washington.  i'm not sure why he chose washington but andrew learned a lot about who george washington was and what he did to create the office of the presidency.  i love that he knew all of these random facts about him and how interested he was in the battles that he fought in.

as part of the speech the kids needed to dress up as their president, or first lady or brother.  the speech was told from that point of view.  washington is not the easiest president to dress but we came up with something pretty cool.

he wore baseball pants and long white socks with black dress shoes.  i glued ribbon to jordan's old suit using glue dots to temporarily adhere them to the collar.  i also sewed on the gold buttons and glued some tassels to the shoulder for epaulettes.  one of them fell off while he was getting into the car so he didn't have it for his speech.  we used a piece of white fabric for the shirt collar and fluffed it to make it look right.

the best part of his costume was the wig.  i had purchased some batting and made an ok wig with it, but honestly i was not happy with it.  so the day before the speech i googled george washington wig and found a tutorial using a du rag and cotton balls.  it would be rushed but andrew and i knew we could pull it off.  a quick trip to the 99cent store and we had everything we needed. andrew and i glued cotton balls all over the du rag and let it dry.  it came out great.

his speech was perfect.  story, facts and humor were exactly what she asked for.  and bravo to him for going first.  it's tough but he handled it well.

all of the kids were amazing.  each learning about their president and then telling us about them in an interesting and unique way.  i know i learned a lot.

washington and his bff lincoln enjoying some powdered donuts after all of the speeches.

and kudos to their teacher who is truly the best.  she made the presidents come alive and i know the kids, and many of the parents, learned a lot.  thank ms. green for brining this all together!!

i'm trying to figure out how to upload the video.  i'll repost when i have it.

Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 15

working hard on eating right.  didn't do so well over the weekend, other than this delicious breakfast after my long run on saturday morning.  

starting this week with a positive attitude.  last week really knocked me out.  not that we don't have a lot going on this week. we have volleyball games, baseball games, a softball game,  president's speech, fieldtrip, play rehearsal, and then play, plus meetings at school.  keeping it positive and productive this week.  

weekend eats:
saturday: pizza with friends
sunday: tacos from hot chile mexican food

making this week:
monday: asian turkey lettuce wraps, edamame fried rice
tuesday: greek salad with salmon
wednesday: rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans
thursday: macaroni and cheese, salad
friday: pizza

enjoy your week!

Friday, April 5, 2013

forever nuts

i laughed out loud when i read this package while making a cup of tea.  somehow it describes life right now.

i may look calm and collected on the outside but inside i am nuts.

thinking about everything.
working on the next thing.
worrying about what can or did go wrong.
what did i forget? 
thinking about what i would rather be doing.

this week it felt like i was barely getting by.  it is teacher and staff appreciation week at our school.  the pto is in charge of daily events to celebrate our staff and teachers.  it's been a fun week but so busy.

on top of that it was baseball practice and game, volleyball practice (which means twice the drive to and from school), daily homework, bobby's csun lecture, school reports, trying to find lost keys, getting my weekly runs in (i could not function without that), visiting with a friend from out of town.

see what i mean?  nuts.

i learned a long time ago to be honest with myself.  i know i can't do it all. i will kill myself trying. but i do push myself to the edge. i will do the best that i can with the time and energy that i have.

there is a lot of retrospect as well.  making better choices next time.  being better prepared for weeks like this.  it easier to think when you are not caught up in the stress of the moment.  i learn everyday.

and it always works out.

we made it to the end of the week.  the teachers and staff feel appreciated. no notices from school that the kids are failing (at least not yet).  i packed lunches and fed the family every night.  ok, ihop fed them last night, but i did the other nights. i managed to run.  still can't find those keys though.

life might be a little messy and a lot nuts, but it always works out.

by the way, that tea was delicious.  so nutty can also be delicious.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

hello april

hello springtime
hello crazy, busy month ( i know, they all are)
hello to baseball and volleyball games
hello to the school gala
hello to a work trip for bobby
hello to being four weeks closer to the big race
hello to staying healthy and injury free
hello to using my camera more - my real camera
hello to a president's speech - andrew as george washington
hello to being four weeks closer to graduation
hello to keeping my balance
hello to some gardening
hello finding peaceful moments

hello april
hello life

Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 14

today is going to be tough.  getting up at 6:30, getting the kids out of bed, showered and ready for school. we've had a nice, relaxing week and a half.  not ready for real life.

but ready or not, it's coming. getting the menu ready early. hoping to get a jump on something.

weekend eats:
saturday: leftovers
sunday: island's

making this week:
monday: spaghetti and turkey meatballs
tuesday: chicken pomodori paninis, kale chips
wednesday: teriyaki salmon, vegetables, rice
thursday: bbq chicken salad
friday: pizza

welcoming april with a smile.