Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 40

pepperoni and veggie pizza with pineapple.

feeling very much under the weather.  and not really interested in eating, much less meal planning.  but there are 3 other people under this roof who need to eat.  so planning is a must.

weekend eats:
saturday: pizza and a movie - we finally saw war horse and cried
sunday: lasagna and salad to celebrate my brother's birthday

making this week:
monday: chicken soup
tuesday: bean and cheese burritos
wednesday: bbq salmon, potatoes, salad
thursday: turkey burgers, tater tots
friday: football game - most likely eat out

hoping this bug wears off soon.

Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 39

crunchy chicken tacos with lots of cheese and salsa.
fall is here.  the air is crisp, the leaves are falling and my allergies are in full bloom.  minor set back to what is my favorite season.  with the cooler weather comes comfort food. pot pies and hot soup. hot tea and baked bread. pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin spice everything. it's all so good.

feeling inspired about cooking and enjoying the cooler weather.  lately my menus have been lacking in inspiration, but this week i'm feeling like there's a lot i want to try.  i've already started my list for next week.

weekend eats:
saturday: movie night at school - pizza, popcorn and licorice
sunday: eat out at sr. sol's

making this week:
monday: fish tacos, rice
tuesday: tuscan sausage soup, french bread
wednesday: pizza
thursday: roast chicken and vegetables
friday: football game - most likely eat out

feeling excited about fall and all that comes with it.

Friday, September 20, 2013

today i am thankful

i woke up this morning at 4:40am, stumbled through the house to get my coffee going, changed out of my pajamas, and then woke jordan up.  he got himself ready for school and practice.  at 5:15 i woke andrew up and grabbed sofia out of her bed and got them in the car.  by 5:20 we were on the road.  jordan has water polo practice at 5:45 and this was really the only way of getting him there.  

we came home at 6 and i let them go back to sleep but then rushed to get them ready and out the door to school.  in the car we practiced spelling words and challenge words.  i know they are tired but there is a test today and i've been gone every night this week at school so this is the only chance we have to go over them. we end the study session with, it is what it is.

this morning was one of those mornings where i wanted to complain and say "this would be so much easier if bobby were here." i could be sleeping and letting the kids sleep. i could have been home a few more nights while one of us was at all of the back to school nights.  but instead i was thankful for the moment.  being up early, seeing that other people are up that early, no traffic (always something to be thankful for on the 405).  thankful for getting to school on time, properly dressed and fed.  yes, this morning would have been easier if bobby were home, but it was fine.  we did it.

the question i am most often asked these days is "how are you doing it?"  3 kids, 2 schools, a hectic schedule. and the answer is easy - i'm not doing it alone.  i have so much help and support.  and honestly i have no other choice.  this is us now.  it is what it is.

so today i wanted to say "thank you" to every single person that has helped us along this journey, and there are so many.

to the parents who offered me their frequent flyer miles to go visit bobby. thank you.
to my dear friend who picks up jordan every morning and takes him to school even though i am not keeping my end of the bargain. thank you.
to the moms who offer to take sofia to a play, to drop off and pick up andrew from a party or who just say "if you need help, let me know". thank you.
to the girls who went to lunch with me and let me vent for 45 minutes. thank you.
to the friend who sent me a facebook message with "friendship thoughts and support vibes". thank you.
to my friend who gave me a hug this morning cause she could see i was struggling. thank you.
to the ladies who read my blog every week even though my postings are random and sporadic. thank you and here's the link to that recipe.
to my fantasy football team who gave me the biggest win during the first week and reminded me to trust my instincts. thank you.
to the teachers who remind me what a special place our school is and that the work i do is for a purpose. thank you.
to the mom who took jordan to water polo practice on saturday so i could enjoy some time at home with the kids. thank you.
to my parents who help me with the garden, fix things around the house and watch the kids at night while i go to meetings, back to school nights, and socials. gracias.
to my sister who takes me to dinner cause i really needed some girl time and a fantastic meal. thank you.
to uncle jessie for watching the kids and making it so fun for them. (and for being named jessie which sofia thinks is cool because of full house). thank you.
to the mom, whose husband passed away a few years ago,  and is offering me words of encouragement. you are my hero. thank you!
to my in-laws who pick up jordan at 9pm on wednesdays or come get him from school while i go to a meeting, and help me with laundry, dishes, car repair and meals. thank you.
to jordan who has grown up so much over the last few months. who has put sofia to bed because she wasn't listening to her grandparents. who tells me every detail of his day. who despite being exhausted is happy and cheerful. thank you.
to andrew for helping me find humor everyday. for stepping up when jordan is not home and taking the lead as the man of the house. thank you.
to sofia for reminding me everyday just how much i am loved. for keeping me on my toes. for the snuggles and cuddles that i need everyday.  thank you.
to all 3 kids who watch me make mistakes and don't hold them against me. who see me get stressed out and make me laugh. and who sacrifice their time for the good of the family. thank you.
to bobby for working so hard and despite having a stressful, difficult, very long day calls me every night to check in and say "i love you." i miss you and thank you!

i couldn't be more blessed.  i couldn't feel more supported.  i couldn't be more grateful.

thank you!

Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 38

garden alfredo with chicken from last week.  really good.

working our way through september.  one week at a time.

lots of school activity this week.  in the morning and in the evening.  2 back to school nights - lower school and middle school, pto meetings and we have 1 water polo game and 1 football game as well.  what adds to the planning is making sure i have something for lunch that's healthy and not the boring old turkey sandwich.

weekend eats:
saturday: birthday dinner with friends - chinese food
sunday: enchiladas to celebrate my sister's birthday

making this week:
monday: fajita burritos
tuesday: pizza
wednesday: grilled salmon, salad, potatoes
thursday: chicken tostadas
friday: football game fare

hoping to stick to the plan as much as possible.  although getting sushi, pizza and mexican food this week would work too!! just sayin'.

have a good week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Source of photo unknown

this day brings up so many emotions, tears, thoughts. i never want to forget some of these feelings - unity, compassion, support. i want to forget the others - fear, anger, sorrow.

this is a day to remember the lives lost, the survivors that live with this memory and the first responders that give of themselves everyday for our security.

i read my blog post from 2 years ago this morning and i thought i would share it again today.

i will never forget.

wishing you a peaceful day.

Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 37

appetizers at osteria drago - um puffy bread!!
where did last week go?  it flew by for us and i do have a lot to share. but i'll save that for later.

last week i broke all of my meal planning rules. every. single. one.  no menu, no list, multiple trips to the store, ate out a lot.  it was not a typical week and i will avoid doing it again. but it is our life right now. unpredictable, a little unstable and fly by the seat of our pants, mixed in with a whole lot of fun.

this week starts with a plan.

weekend eats:
saturday: leftovers after a water polo tournament
sunday: dinner at osteria drago - fancy

making this week:
monday: garden alfredo with chicken
tuesday: cobb salad
wednesday: pork chops and applesauce (isn't that swell?)
thursday: tomato soup and turkey paninis
friday: football game fare

this is our first full week of school for everyone. hopefully i can get a lot done and get back on track.  i'm moving fast and holding on.

have a great week.