Thursday, May 14, 2015

currently | may

eating scrambled eggs, toast and fruit from corner bakery

reading this book and this one and have this on the list next.

documenting the day. i missed day in the life on tuesday. but today was a better day for me anyway.

needing to buy purchased a new pair of chucks - it's time.

feeling almost 100% after the race.

taking two weeks off from running. but next week i head back to the gym.

listening to geronimo, sugar, heartbeat song.

missing the music i listened to on my runs.

going to a leadership dinner tonight at notre dame.

enjoying the rain, finally.

waiting to hear if andrew's baseball game is rained out.

returning a skirt to old navy because they left the security sensor on it and i just noticed.

thinking about events for next year...what?!

getting started early is always a good idea.

wondering what next school year will look like for me/us.

finishing volleyball, softball, running and swimming has left us with lots more time.

trying to make the most of it.

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