Tuesday, May 5, 2015

just a thought + #52handlettered

a few months ago i stumbled upon miranti's instagram account from pen + peplum. she started a project to hand letter one piece a week for 52 weeks. at the time i was overwhelmed with other things going on, but i knew that when i had the time i would go back to this project. so here we are.

it's simple and i'm keeping it that way. she sets up the prompts for every week in the month and you interpret and make what you want.  for me this is an exercise in simplicty - prompt, paper and pen, that's it. i also want this to be an exercise in exploration to define my style.

i will be using different inks, pens, maybe paint. i am not crazy about the notebook i'm using. the paper is pretty thin and the ink is bleeding so i may try and get some heavier stock for this exercise. the point is to focus on the lettering and not get caught up with everything else.

i'm also catching up on a hand lettering class i signed up for in april. the two will go hand in hand nicely  - pun intended.

here's the prompt for this week
#18/52 a date to remember & my reason

i also went ahead and got caught up with the past prompts. here are some.

#1/52 - a word, a mantra or your focus for the year

#3/52 - one thing to do more often

 #5/52 - places to visit

 #7/52 - my everyday essentials

 #14/52 - foreign words

#17/52 - my signature style

here's to handmade.

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