Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 weekly menu #14

friday evening snack, minus the salami when we realized it was friday.
we are so excited to be on spring break this week.  we get to sleep in a little and enjoy the day a lot. we're planning some playdates, movie watching, maybe swimming or beach day, along with the organization, eye appointments and showers. we still have baseball and softball this week but it will be a much easier pace.

last week our menu looked nothing like i had planned.  we ate out once, moved the dinners around, had egg burritos and cereal instead of what i had planned  (that was a good dinner).  some weeks are like that. i plan the menu but things change as the week moves along. i've learned to go with it.

weekend eats
saturday: tried a new mexican place but it was not worth it - we'll stick with what we know and love
sunday: sushi and menchie's

making this week
monday: pasta with meat sauce
tuesday: cobb salad
wednesday: pork chops with balsamic roasted vegetables and gorgonzola
thursday: calzones, salad
friday: passover with friends (this was on the menu a few weeks ago and then i realized i had the date wrong. thank goodness we didn't show up at their house 2 weeks early.)

hope your enjoying some time off too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

a journey to excellence

this past saturday night our school held it's annual gala and auction fundraiser.  it was a bit of a twist from what the school has done in the past upping the ante for a more successful event.

the event is run through our development office, who is our friend jennifer, and the theme was journey to excellence. the goal this year was to raise money for our new international baccalaureate program training - something everyone is excited about.

the most unique thing about this year's gala was the venue that was offered to the school through a parent.  the event was held at air hollywood, a stage and studio that houses props and sets for all things aviation.  movies, tv shows and commercials that have an airport or airplane scene were most likely filmed here.  they also have a replica of a pan am airplane body where they offer the pan am experience.

every guest received a boarding passes as they entered the venue.

it was awesome to have the props and sets available for whatever we needed.  this was the guest check in area.

the security and waiting area (pre-party).  guests arrived and picked up a glass of champagne as they went through "security".  and got a chance to see vintage flight attendant uniforms and memorabilia.

then they passed through the airplane where bridesmaids and wolf of wall street were filmed.

and of course we took photos.

they had the cockpit from airplane lit up so we could take pictures and figure out what all the dial and switches are for.

guests mingled, ate appetizers and bid on the silent auction items that were available.

then they went into the dining area for dinner.  the back drop is the pan am plane that was used for the vip reception and was later open so guests could enjoy it.

my friend mari and i with the lovely pan am flight attendants.

and sitting in the luxury seats.

dinner was braised short ribs, barramundi, mashed potatoes and green beans.  but the highlight was the carrot souffle.  

and for dessert a flourless chocolate cake and cookies.

during dinner there were speeches; one by the president of the board of trustees, aka bobby.  and the live auction went live and raised lots of money.

everyone went home with a chocolate airplane, made by a cha parent, and a gala luggage tag.

the next morning a few of us came back to put everything back to normal (i showed up to do the sweeping) and to recap the night's event.  overall it was a first class event and we are so thankful to everyone that had a part in putting it together and those that attended the event.

congratulations jennifer for an unforgettable event!

Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 weekly menu #13

dinner from our gala on saturday. the carrot soufflé was amazing!
it's only monday but i'm counting down the days until friday. we have been go, go, go for too long and i need a break.

feeling like i don't want to commit to a menu this week, but i need something to start with.  i'll take it one day and one meal at a time this week.

weekend eats
saturday: our school gala and auction
sunday: nephew's birthday party

making this week
monday: asian chicken salad (will probably change my mind once i get to the store)
tuesday: pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw
wednesday: salmon, potatoes and veggies
thursday: pizza
friday: bean and cheese burritos, wet style

if you've eaten something spectacular recently please share.  i need some inspiration.

Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 weekly menu #12

spicy ahi tuna and baja fish tacos from lola's baja tacos
it's the beginning of a new week.  bobby and i sat down with our calendars last night to figure out what needs to be done and what is expected from the two of us with three kids and five schedules.  somehow it always works out.  or at least we figure out how to make it work.

this is going to be an exciting week - the usual swim, running, baseball and softball practices.  a swim meet and musical festival for jordan.  laster tag fundraiser for the kids, and parent teacher conferences for us. the weekend has jordan's school concert, our school gala, and ball games.

i'm kind of happy that i only had to plan 3 days of dinners this week. thank goodness spring break is coming up.

weekend eats
saturday: dinner at the raymond
sunday: in-n-out burgers

making this week
monday: rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, salad
tuesday: turkey burgers, oven fries
wednesday: chicken milanese with tomatoes and arugula salad - didn't make this last week
thursday: eat out
friday: passover with friends

hope you have a great week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

my birthday in photos

another appropriate title for this post would have been why i allowed myself to eat 3 dessert over the course of 4 days. but no judgements here, right?

i was really looking forward to this birthday.  maybe anticipating is the better word.  i wanted to celebrate turning 45 and enjoy where my life is now and where it is going.  basically to celebrate some of the magic that comes with birthdays.

so it started on friday with a lunch with my mother in law at the yard house.  it was friday, during lent, so no meat means crunchy ahi tuna salad of course.

we started off with these crispy brussel sprouts and potatoes.  i am encouraging you not to order these. they were evil and crispy with a creamy aioli dip.  trust me you will regret it.

a cool surprise was that she gave me a necklace i had spotted while we were shopping in new orleans last year.  she bought it for me then but held on to it until that day.  brought back some good memories.

 saturday morning started as it always does, with a torturous run.  5 miles up and down hills.  it felt good to finish, really good.

bobby took andrew and sofia to opening day at cjbl.

 i came home, showered and then took jordan to swim practice with a friend.  while he swam i walked my aching legs around the mall unsuccessfully searching for a dress.

we finished the day at sofia's softball game.

sunday was andrew's first game of the season.  it was an exciting game that didn't go their way. but andrew scored 1 of only 2 runs for the team.  hooray.

 originally we had planned to have my family over for dinner but our schedule was confused and we had to cancel.  ultimately we ended up having dinner with my parents at macaroni grill.  i am 45 years old and i still find it odd to order a drink with my parents.

we ordered the chocolate cake for dessert - with 7 spoons.

monday was my actual birthday and we were lucky that both schools had the day off for teacher conferences and development days.  so we headed to disneyland.  before we left the house we realized that andrew needed to see the dr. since he was still not 100%.  luckily the strep test came back negative and he was feeling  a lot better.

while we were there we took jordan to get a blood test done for his thyroid.  might as well.

we got a very late start but made it to disneyland before lunch.

the best part was that i got to plan the day; what rides to ride, what to eat, and when to rest.  if you ever want to feel special on your birthday go to disneyland and get a birthday button.  everyone wishes you a happy birthday - cast members and guests.  of course no one tried to pronounce my name but that's ok.  it was a reminder all day long that it was my birthday.

i got to do some of the stuff i love like the tiki room where we enjoyed the dole whip - yummy.  the park wasn't too crowded so we zipped through a lot in a short period of time.  then we went to california adventure.

and rode tower of terror.

and toy story mania.

and no one complained when i stopped to take pictures.

we finished the day back at disneyland.  we had dinner at cafe orleans which was just ok.  but these pomme frittes were pretty outrageous.

and a mickey beignet for one more wish.

i could not have asked for a more perfect birthday.  i felt special and loved and spoiled by those around me.  i really enjoyed the text messages, phone calls and fb posts from everyone too.

it was a good reminder that birthdays are magical at any age.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 weekly menu #11

took yesterday off to celebrate.  none of the kids had school and bobby got the day off so we could have some family fun at disneyland.  it was a fantastic day!

maybe i should have wished for someone else to make dinner this week. and do the dishes, the laundry and everything else i have to do so i can enjoy the week off.  sounds good, right?

right now i have two crock pots going with corned beef and cabbage for a mother's guild meeting at nd.  like i told the coordinator, i've never made it before, i've never eaten it before, but that's never stopped me before.  hope they turn out.

weekend eats
saturday: tacos from our local mexican food spot
sunday: dinner at macaroni grill

making this week
monday: birthday dinner at cafe orleans in disneyland
tuesday: caldo de pollo (mexican chicken soup)
wednesday: italian chopped salad
thursday: chicken milanese with tomatoes and arugula salad
friday: shrimp lettuce wraps, cucumber salad - 3rd times the charm

thanks to everyone for the well wishes on my birthday.  i felt the love all day long.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

currently | march

organizing the hundreds of thoughts in my head; hair appointments, weekend schedules, volunteer obligations, household chores, art, writing, birthdays.

reading it was me all along. s o  s l o w l y.  i am enjoying it but lacking focus or patience these days.

creating "art" in my journal.  it's been fun and i'm happy with what i've done so far.

listening to the wind raging in the backyard.

considering a new hair look.  something lighter-ish? i better decide soon, it's happening today!

excited for my birthday.  everyone has the day off and we are going to celebrate.

thinking this or this would be a nice gift to me from me.

secretly hoping for this, because you know i need another camera.

looking for a dress to wear to our school gala.

running, running and running...and yogaing.

taking the important things seriously and

letting go of so many things that are not. ahhhh, feels good.

drinking my second cup of coffee - that rarely happens.

wishing i had a whole weekend with nothing to do, a stack of printed photos and my project life album.

planning a get to know me post or two for next week. hope that sounds interesting.

waiting for it to be lunch time so i can enjoy a crunchy ahi tuna salad from the yard house.

watching as many new to us episodes of the big bang theory as we can fit into one night - usually 2.

recommending the pulled pork that i made this week.  i put some of the leftovers on pizza last night that was excellent too.

wondering how many people will read this since it's national unplug day - of which i am clearly not participating in.

Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 weekly menu #10

it's march already?!  seriously wasn't ready, but we're going with it.

our schedule this month is cr-a-zy!  softball is in full swing (lol).  swim meets start tomorrow for jordan and andrew's opening day and first baseball game of the season is this weekend.  we have birthdays to celebrate, a big fancy gala to attend and spring break to look forward to.

we're taking it one day at a time, enjoying the rain while it lasts and crossing this week's menu off the to-do list.

weekend eats
saturday: tacos from our local mexican food spot
sunday: chicken, pasta and salad to celebrate a family birthday

making this week
monday: tomato soup and turkey paninis
tuesday: baked chicken with dijon and lime, orzo pasta salad
wednesday: pulled pork street tacos
thursday: homemade pizza
friday: shrimp lettuce wraps, cucumber salad (didn't make this last week and i'm craving it)

looking forward to lots of fun this month.