Sunday, May 31, 2015

5 things this weekend

  1.  i watched some of the graduation ceremony on line yesterday. we know a few of the graduates so it made the ceremony more meaningful.  i love the community that we have at nd and i can't believe we are halfway through jordan's time there.
  2. bobby took andrew and sofia to the cha family campout. they were in castaic which is close to home. they played with bottle rockets, had s'mores and spent a nice night under the stars. thanks to the pto for an awesome event.
  3. we had breakfast with my family this morning. it's nice to spend time with them and always nice to go to brent's. lots of great food, lots of good memories.
  4. tonight jordan and i are going to his swim team awards ceremony. this will be the last school event for him this school year. 
  5. so thankful that i made it 31 days. i am grateful to every person that read my blog posts this month. i'm hoping to stay on track monday through friday, at least 3 times a week. 
this was a peaceful weekend for us as we get closer to summer.

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