Friday, March 26, 2010

grease is the word

so last september, while bobby and i were in italy, jordan had to pick his electives for the school year.  his first choice was  basketball, not a surprise.  that went well and he learned a lot and gained some confidence that helped him when he got on the court to play for real. 

his second elective was drama, a little bit of a surprise.  i kind of knew it was coming because he had a chance to be in the play last year.  he was part of the 4th grade chorus and they sang one song at the end of "bugsy malone."  he really liked it.  this year they were doing "grease" and he was all set to be a part of it.  i was a little concerned that it would take up too much time.  and he had to use up two of his electives to be in it.  drama lasts for 2 quarters.  but he committed to drama and went for it.  he had a little audition where he had to sing and do a  monologue.  he was trying out for the role of eugene.  remember him from the movie?
well he  didn't get that part.  but the teacher created the part of sheldon, eugene's campaign manager.  his role was to be the sidekick.  he was in a lot of the play, sang alot of the songs and had a few lines.  he played the part perfectly, right down to the snort.  he had a costume and make up and they plasetered his hair with hairspray.  he learned everyone's lines and sang "we go together" around the house for days.  but he didn't like the all day rehearsals on saturday, just 2 of them.  and he didn't like that it used up two quarters of elective (his friends were taking magic and oragami) and it was pretty chaotic at times.  you know how those creative people can be .  it was funny to read his little post in the program.  everyone in the cast has a chance to thank their parents and teachers for helping them get through the play.  jordan did that too.  the kids talk about how they want to be actors or singers or producers when they grow up.  jordan's said that he wants to be an inventor and create  eco-friendly vehicles.  he took the role of sheldon very seriously.

we were amazed to see him standing on the stage performing.  he was funny, he looked awesome and he was brave.  not sure i could have done this in fifth grade.  the back story is that this is the movie that made me fall in love with movies. i know it's not a masterpiece, but i was 8 when we saw "grease" at the drive-in.  i was drawn into the songs and the love story and the makeover.  i thought olivia newton john was "the most, to say the least."  and i became a huge fan.  i wanted to be her, and make movies with her in it.  my sister and i wore out the soundtrack and i sang "hopelessly devoted" over and over in my room .  so watching my son be in the play was beyond words.  actually all of the kids were great.  it was a school production but it was done the best way possible and i am so proud of him for taking a chance and stepping out of his comfort zone and doing it.  he already told me he doesn't want to be in the show next year.  but if it's "little shop of horrors"  i may have to do some convincing.

oh and by the way his next elective is fencing. cool, huh?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hello (lots of photos)

no i did not abandon my blog.  i have been busy with the kids and life.  and have been enjoying some time away from the computer.  lots to keep us crazy around here.  so let's play catch up.

my birthday was beyond fantastic.  on my actual birthday my sister took me and sofia to pasadena for lunch and some shopping!  yah.  we found a cute restaurant, le grande orange cafe, in the old train station and had the MOST amazing tomato soup and turkey sandwich.

as soon as i saw this, i was in love.

then we strolled down colorado.  went into the paper source, urban outfitters, crate and barrel and got tea at starbucks.  and of course we grabbed a few mini cupcakes at dots to celebrate.

this was so fun.  thanks gaby!

for dinner tostada pizza from CPK of course and a yummy fruit tart from my favorite cuban bakery, portos.

thanks bob and d for celebrating with me.

on saturday we had a dinner party at my parent's house.  it was the best way to celebrate, well except for the cold and wind, the dinner was outside.  my vision was to have an italian dinner, you know a 2-3 hour event where food is passed around on large platters and we drink wine and talk and laugh.  it was perfect and so special.  my sister and i did the prep work but everyone pitched in to cook and bring chairs and heaters.  the food was delicious; appetizers, pasta, basil lemon chicken and grilled steak, vegetable tart and dessert.  i made a lemon cake that was really yummy.  bobby gave a speech that made me cry.  i mean this was more than i could have ever asked for.  thanks to everyone who came and helped and made this night perfect!  and thanks to my parent's for letting us use their house.  our friend rob and sis-in-law sandy took pictures for me so that i wouldn't have to be behind the camera all night long.  thanks guys.  here are a few:

 so that pretty much sums up my birthday.  but we have had other adventures.  jog-a-thon, st. patrick's day, & baseball.

bobby and i had a date night this past saturday to see an intern of his play at the troubadour.  she's part of the band old man markley, kind of a cross between hillbilly rock and punk.  katie plays the fiddle.  first we had dinner at grub and then to the troubadour. we had never been there. we were treated like v.i.p.'s.  our name was on the list, we sat in the lounge and then got to sit on the deck and get an overview of the band.  this was really fun.

and finally this sunday jordan was in the school's production of grease.  i think this deserves a post all it's own.  i'll have that later this week.  but here's a sneek peek.  see if you can spot him.

that's it for today.  hope everyone is well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

and so it is





and the day is over.

and the new decade begins.

and i had the best day.

and i ate the most amazing food.

and i laughed.

and i reflected.

and it was good.

and life is beautiful.

and there were hugs.

and there were gifts ; )

and i got cards.

and i got kisses.

and i was wished happiness.

and i was touched by them all.

and i felt loved.

and it was sweet.

and i am thankful.

and i am happy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

happy march

month 3, day 3.  3 is my lucky number.  it feels good and happy and cheerful.  and the birthday countdown has begun. 6 more days, yikes.  feeling good and happy and cheerful.  some birthday plans are going on.  dinner, friends, maybe disneyland.  i have gotten so many coupons in the mail for birthday shopping.  that should be fun.  maybe some of those pretty things on my wish list. it's getting longer and longer.

this friday i am teaching a scrapbook class at my sister-in-law's house.  i have kits prepared and music and some fun ideas in the works.  and if it goes well i have two more classes with other friends that i will put together.  fun.

getting over the olympic withdrawl.  still have some nights recorded because i fell asleep or we weren't home so i can catch up on those and still feel like it's going on.

bad news on my lens.  it's broken.  the new one that i bought for our italy trip.  i have to send it in to be fixed.  what a terrible time for this to happen.  i have lots of pictures to take this month.

good news with my hands.  they are much better.  the right had got the injection and is feeling great.  the left hand feels ok, still some numbness but i will hold off on the injection unless it gets uncomfortable. looking forward to taking a break from all of the dr. appointments. i will definitely be missing the physical therapy.

sitting here having a rare quiet moment while the boys are at ccd and sofia is playing in her room.  hoping everyone is well and   enjoying the first few days of march.