Saturday, May 9, 2015

ready, set, run

note this post was written on friday night and posted on saturday morning.
i should be asleep by now but I've got lots of nervous energy. prepped my clothes for the morning, finishing up my gatorade and writing this post and then it's time for sleep.

this morning we went to breakfast  before heading out of town. the instructions were to have a good breakfast.

does it get any better than this?

ok, maybe this. my brother order the french toast so he has energy to watch us from the sidelines.

we made it to solvang and picked up our goody bags. it's always fun to walk around the expo and see what's new in running.

but it's also dangerous because i see something like this and i have to have it.

 then we went to los olivos and had to do a wine tasting. why not.

afterwards, we met up with the training group for dinner and final instructions. this is such a great time to get together and talk about our expectations and anxieties. we also get to share our experience with those doing the race for the first time. i know we will all finish and support each other along the way.

i mean seriously. this is what we get to see after the 7 mile marker. breathtaking and inspiring. can't wait to cross that finish line.

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