Sunday, November 25, 2007

let me fill you in

with all of the holiday todo we never mentioned andrew's t-ball experience. what a joy it was to see him grow to love this sport. he was the one that wanted to do it. but we did have to push him a bit when the time came. he was amazing. followed all of the coach's instructions. he learned the correct stance, throwing and catching techniques. and he can be baseball ready at any time. towards the end of the season they were pitching to the kids and he was hitting and taking bases. the best part was when he ran to home and then would just stand on the base and look at us, even when other runners were coming behind him. at the last game he got a medal (he was a little disappointed because he came into this thinking he was getting a trophy) but he was proud none the less. we are signing him up to play in the spring which begins in march, i think. looking forward to that.

had a great thanksgiving with my family. lots of good food and plenty of laughs. we made lists of things we are thankful for. here's a glance;
- Dora the explorer
- bionicles
- baseball and swimming
- that happy feeling in the morning when we hear little voices outside our bedroom door
- the cleaning lady
- food
- and cows (yep andrew had to throw that in for fun)

then we had another great thanksgiving celebration with the brockett clan. aaron, cherry, kate and the kids were in town and we got a chance to hang out and let the little cousins get to know each other. more turkey, cranberries and stuffing for all. it was fun watching the little boys (and big boys) play baseaball and run around. we are looking forward to visiting them when we go to colorado next year for the wedding.

yes, today we are cleaning out the garage and decorating for christmas. it feels weird to be doing it so early but exciting because we get to enjoy it longer. i'm working on some holiday crafts and of course our christmas card.

hoping everyone gets home safe and sound.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


just wanted to stop in and say happy thanksgiving to those of you on the net today. so much to be thankful for. most importantly that i have my family and friends happy and healthy. especially today, i am feeling refreshed and renewed. making some changes around here and making plans for some more changes, too. feeling like we are getting a chance to start anew and make improvements in our lives that will help us to live a happier life. also getting through some of those things i have been putting off and making excuses for not doing. see what happens when bobby has a few days off to hang around the house with us. he wants to make some changes. i'm thankful because it is what i needed to get it done!! i love new beginnings.

hope everyone enjoys their turkey or whatever you chose to eat today!! i know we will.

love to everyone.
the bees

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

what a season!!

jordan had his last swim meet on sunday. it has been such an incredile learning experience for all of us. to think of those times when it didn't feel like it was going to happen. how he resisted and fought and i questioned what i was doing. struggling through practices 3 times a week, having to take all the kids and keep watch around the pool. getting up early to be at the meets for warm up, sunday we had to be there at 7:15 AM. who gets up at 6 o'clock on sunday? and jord swimming through it all; the heat, the cold, the tears, the soreness, the coach yelling at him, the coach praising him. it really has been an emotional time. jord has proved that he is capable of this and that he does it well. he was never motivated by winning, he told me he just wanted to do better than he did the last time. he never looked at what place he was in but instead paid attention to the points that he earned for his team. i have learned so much from him. he is a remarkable human being. we have learned to deal with his resistance and push through. we have discovered the bond of being on a team and supporting each other. we believed in him and were blown away by what he could do. jordan has received the reward from persistance, dedication and practice. In the end he earned 5 medals (more to come after we get the official results from this past meet), 3 heat winner ribbons and the belief that he can do anything he sets his mind to. will he swim next year? i hope so. i'm not sure how he feels though. i know i will miss it and i think he will too. looking forward to the banquet in a few weeks. it will be a fun chance to get together with his team, celebrate everyone's successes and he will get his trophy. i think it will mean more to him than any of the other awards because it is a trophy for committing to something and seeing it through to the end. to some this was just a sport but to us it was a life lesson. i feel so thankful to have gone through this experience. as i look at some of the pictures from this time my heart is full of pride and amazement for my little boy. what a blessing he is in our lives. and to think of what else he will accomplish in his life . . . wow!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

time really flies

i still can't believe that my little neice is 15, well almost 16. we celebrated her quinceañera this weekend, kind of a combo sweet sixteen and quinceañera. my sister-in-law did a fabulous job putting together such a memorable day for EVERYONE. in case you don't know, a quinceañera is a celebration and sort of coming-of-age party for girls. my family has been planning this party for over a year. yes, it really is like a wedding. there is a special mass where monica was celebrated and blessed. then there was a party at a local reception hall. very elegant, yet youthful. my other sister-in-law practiced a waltz with my neice and her "court" of friends that accompanied her. beautiful. these kids worked all summer to get it right and it was great. my brother's band played at the reception. defintely a family affair.

we were honored that monica asked me and bobby to be her sponsors for the event. we got to dress up and be with her and support her throughout the day and of course throughout her life. i was so proud of her. she looked beautiful and composed. wow, she can start dating now!!

i worked on the invitations, favors, and the seating board. my scrapbooking supplies came in handy. sofia was also a part of the court. she was wearing a pretty dress and kept saying she was a princess. she danced the night away, until 11:30. to see her and then look at monica i know how quickly time will go and we want to enjoy and remember it all.