Wednesday, May 20, 2015

day in the life | 5.14.15

a fun project that i participate in at least once a year is a day in the life. the idea is to capture a day and what life looks like at the time.

i love that this year this project happened right as things were settling down. if i had attempted this project even one week ago the pictures would have been completely different. and when i do this project next year, i'm sure the story will look different as well. that's what i love about projects like this.

the usual wake up time for me. bobby and jordan get up at 6:15. andrew get's up at 6:30 and sofia around 7:00.

i woke up to discover i hadn't put the laundry in the dryer before going to sleep. oops.

i also found a stack of folded clothes on the ironing board. thanks grandma.

jordan's lunch.

and a daily dose of medicine.

packing up his lunch and trying to ignore the lady with the camera.

grabbing his backpack and swim bag from the stack.

carpool buddy is here.

fresh fertilizer and flowers.

sleepyhead comes to the table.

and for the other sleepyhead.

making lunches.

off to school.

morning light, dirty window and carpool drop off.

pto executive board meeting.


and breakfast.

out with the old, in with the new.

home for a blog post and instagramming.

just one bite.

gas guzzling.

the afternoon wait.

back in the car.

 prepped for a game.

and a school function.

looking a bit different.

rain or shine, it's baseball time.

i hadn't seen the banner until today.  i love it.  can you spot andrew?

 it's all about the snacks at the baseball field.

he got in a pickle.

i made the trek to nd for a leadership dinner.

so many wonderful parent volunteers were honored for their generosity of time. and so many grateful parents for the community they get to be a part of.  lot of goodness here.

thank you gifts.

and a thunderstorm for the ride home.

peace out.

this is just a peek into what our days look like. i ended up taking a bunch of photos mostly on my iPhone.  i'll print these and either put them in my project life album or make a mini album. depends on what i have time for. but i'm glad i have this documented somehow.

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