Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ten on tuesday

trying to find some inspiration these days for my posts.  so i am borrowing this one today. here goes:

1. got back yesterday from a trip to 'the heights'.  snow, wine making, skiing, food and fun.  is there a better way to spend a three day weekend?  watching andrew, bobby and jeff ski/snowboard together was touching.

2.  my brother and his family joined us on sunday.  their kids have never been to the snow and i think they liked it.  and the best part is that it snowed, it rained too, but the snowing was awesome.

3.  wondering how bad this storm is going to get this week.  i love rain, but wish my family was home safe and sound.

4.  excited about attending the Craft and Hobby Association Super Show this weekend.  i am signed up for a class taught by her and this one should be productive.  plus i have a ticket to roam the convention and buy, i mean see, all of the product out there. 

5.  excited that glee won on sunday.  although i am a HUGE fan of the office.

6.  the kids got haircuts on friday.  sofia needed some help with her stringy hair.  it got evened out and is just to her shoulders.  getting used to her new look but she loves it.

7.  thankful that my hands felt better all weekend.  i have 2 more pt sessions this week.  i am starting to love that place.  it feels like family.

8.  thinking i might try online grocery shopping today.  i've done it once before and liked it.  not sure i want to head out if it's pouring rain.

9.  bachelor anyone?  love it or hate it?

10.  going to a bunko party on thursday with some moms from school.  not sure how i will do, they can be a crazy bunch.  but it will be fun to do something with the ladies on a school night no less.  wow, my life is boring!

have a happy tuesday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

january updates

i wish i had something exciting to share with everyone, but i don't.  it's kind of quiet around here and i have been spending some TIME trying to create a new routine that includes exercise, peace and organization in our lives.  let me tell you it's a challenge.
i am still dealing with my hand issue.  it's been tough and a little frustrating for me.  i started physical therapy last week and it helped.  the pt thinks that it's coming from a nerve issue in my shoulders, kind of what i thought too, not carpal tunnel.  yesterday she put pressure on my shoulders to try and loosen them, i wanted to cry.  everyone tells me how tight they are and i don't know what to do.  it's where my stress lives, and i guess i have a lot of it.  anyway we have been doing some stretching and band exercises.  but the best part is when they hook me up to the wires, pack ice on my shoulders and let me relax for 15 minutes.  nothing feels better.

one of the funnest things i've been doing is playing with my new iphone.  dare i say i love it.  i have set up alerts to remind me to pick up andrew early from school, that jordan has a basketball game, that library books are due.  i love that i can surf the web while i'm sitting at carpool.  i love that i can send an email or text message at any time, except while i'm driving of course.  but i really love the camera.  always with me, always ready and not bad quality. (both photos in this post were taken with the camera)  now i just have to remember to keep the phone with me and keep it charged.  thanks again santa.

what else?  jord is enjoying basketball.  he had his first game, 2 games actually, on tuesday.  a double header.  but we only have one team and they had 2.  so the kids were tired.  and it was not pretty.  the scores were 24 to 16 and 35 to 4.  and let's just say that was not in our favor.  but honestly, there was a kid on their team that was as tall as i am.  we have a kid that is as tall as andrew, so you can imagine the match up, brutal.  but jord is having fun and loves it.  what more could we ask for?

he's also getting ready for the spelling bee at the end of the month.  lots of pressure being the returning champion.  he has a friendly battle with his close friend rebecca.  they are mentally psyching each other out.  it's really cute.  he also signed up for the academic decathalon, the math bee and will be in the school's production of grease in march.  he is so busy.

andrew and bobby just got back from a weekend in big bear with the ymca group.  always a lot of fun.  baseball will be starting for andrew with tryouts next month. 

sofia has been growing.  she seems taller everyday.  and her personality is growing just as quickly.  we have been getting together with my friend and her daughter over the last few weeks enjoying yogurt shops around the valley.  it's been yummy. 

the kids are off tomorrow and monday.  we are heading to the snow for the weekend with my nephews who have never seen snow in their lives.  excited about experiencing that with them.  and it looks like it might snow while we are there.

wish we had more exciting things to share.  have a good weekend.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

favorite moments

since too much has happened and tomorrow the kids start school i thought i would just share my favorite moments/pics from the last 3 weeks.

Here goes:

Favorite pic of kids sledding  from CHA's snow day.

sofia went down more times than the boys did.
Favorite cookie recipe:

cream cheese cookies with raspberry and apricot jam.  they were not only yummy but pretty too.

favorite pancake breakfast:

from the original pancake house in temecula.  i like kenzi's apple pancake puff and these pumpkin spice pancakes.  it was fun hanging out with mike and becky and jeff and kenzi.

favorite christmas shopping snack:

the tower of onion rings from red robin.  (is it any wonder we all gained weight over the last 3 weeks?)

favorite hannaumas celebration:

dinner with the baron's to celebrate hannaukah and christmas.  we love the kugel.

favorite wii moment:

andrew beating everyone at swordplay on christmas eve.  we are so proud.

favorite new board game:

last word.  bobby i still think that hippopotamuses don't make people happy.  well except for the kid in that christmas song.  and i hate that song.

favorite snow moment for bobby:

skiing and snowboarding with his sons at alta sierra.  and they enjoyed it as much as he did.

favorite non-traditional snowman:

kind of scary huh? the snowman not sofia.

favorite snow kids:

favorite snow moment for me:

 sledding on fresh snow.  cold but fun.

favorite new year's eve photos:

she's drinking sparkling apple juice.

first photo of us in 2010!

favorite 11 year old:
love this kid!

favorite moment today:
seeing the princess and the frog with sofia while the boys saw avatar.  everyone loved their movies.

favorite christmas present:
my iPhone.  thanks santa.
and the beautiful book that bobby made me of my food pictures.

favorite thing of all:
having the five of us together for 2 weeks.  even though it got stressful right before christmas, it was fun hanging out together, staying in our pj's, playing in the snow, playing games, celebrating a birthday, hugging and kissing, and just being a family.  i love you and will miss you as we all get back to life/school/work.

 and that brings us up to date.

 focusing on my word for 2010: TIME.  i will blog about it soon.

hope everyone had a great holiday.  love to all.