Thursday, May 21, 2015

10 things that make me happy

in honor of david letterman's last show last night, which we haven't seen yet but will watch tonight, i wanted to do a top ten list.

10. paint - i had made time to work on some projects yesterday and had fun playing with paint and stencils. far from perfect but having fun was what i was going for.

9. student showcase - next week the kids will have their student showcase. this is their chance to show us what they have been learning in their units of inquiry. sofia is the mayor of a mini society and will be "selling" yoga lessons. andrew is doing a project on the renaissance - "out of the darkness there is light". excited to see what they have planned.

8. pitch perfect 2 - hoping to see it this weekend. i'm sure it won't live up to the first one but i'm looking forward to seeing it.

7. music - i've been listening to a lot more lately and i love what i'm hearing. like i turn the music up in the car and sing out loud. and the kids do too. our current favorites - uptown funk, honey, i'm good, budapest, shut up and dance, and anything by taylor swift.

6. chef's table - this series is on netflix and i've only seen the first episode but it's everything i love.  getting to know the way chef's think about the food they prepare. my favorite quote from the first episode is "one of the most important ingredients in his food is memory." YES!

5. 3 day weekend - looking forward to everything this weekend has to offer, including seeing family on sunday, a birthday get together for andrew, baseball game and time off.

4. disneyland's diamond celebration - i've been seeing lots of pictures on instagram and hearing details from my mother in law about the fun stuff going on at the park. we'll try and schedule one trip over the summer and then again during christmas.

3. irish knight band - i can't put into words what an incredible experience this has been for jordan, and for us. we love the community within the community. the kids are so talented. it will be hard to say goodbye to the seniors and their parents, many of who helped us get through our freshman year. #goknights

2. peonies - i have a few favorite flowers; ranunculus, gardenias and peonies. i really love the soft colors that these come in. happy to see them at trader joe's this week and i had to buy a bunch. lovely and delicate.

1. end of the school year in sight - always a mix of emotions, but overall it's a happy time. no more schedules and homework. time to be together and relax. jordan has finals next week and the kids get out in june. it's all winding down now and we're ready for summer.

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