Thursday, May 7, 2015

today &

today is a rare day around here.

today i got up at the usual time (5:45am) to get bobby and jordan ready for their day at work and school. now i am awake and home by myself.

today i could go back to bed - best option, or i could start the day with lots of time to do things - only option.

today i am missing my little ones. it's so quiet here without them. the energy is low. there are reminders of them all around. the purple feather from her hair. the cleats thrown under his bed. little reminders of their beings.

today i miss them but hope they are making forever memories.

today i have the day. no schedule, really. no where to be. ah, but i do have a plan.

today marks the 7th day of writing a blog post in may. 7 straight days and still going strong. hooray!

today the 3 of us are going to dinner, sushi and maybe a movie, what?!.

today i have a list of things to do.

  • go on an adventure
  • but first finish my chores at home
  • buy some pajamas
  • pack for my race 
  • wash the sheets on the kids' bed - nothing better than coming home to a clean bed
  • eat carbs - like i need to be reminded
  • run 20 minutes - not a minute longer
  • buy ingredients for this chocolate cake for andrew's birthday
  • make a run playlist

days like today don't come around here very often. looking to make the most of it.

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