Monday, February 25, 2008

i just need a british accent

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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this is Austen heroine i am most like. i love emma thompson, and sense and sensibility but it made me feel a little old and safe.

thought i'd send this fun link along to you .. . .check it out. can't wait to see the jane austen book club. it's next on our netflix cue.

have a happy monday.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lunar eclipse

thought i would share that tonight there will be a lunar eclipse beginning at 7pm. jord is working on a moon phase project for school and he's been anticipating this day for a few weeks. i hope it's not too cloudy to see.

hope everyone is well. working on a few things . . .a bake sale for the school. . .school albums . . .someone's bridal shower. all fun stuff.

enjoy your day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy love day

ahhh . . . i love love! maybe it's because i am in love with my family.

the celebrations started on tuesday in our mommy and me class. sofia handed out her mickey mouse club valentines and then we took a walk to the post office to mail one she had made for us. here she is dropping it in the mailbox. we got it in the mail yesterday. so cute.

today, sofia and i have been party hopping. first to andrew's class. my goodness!! the chaos that 20 five year old cause. i don't know how you teachers do it. and these teachers were doing it in an orderly fashion. but when it comes to kids and candy, watch out. anyway, andrew seemed to have a good time and came home with a bunch of treats. we are waiting for bobby to come home to open them all.

then it was off to jordan's class for a more low key event. the teachers like to keep it simple, and as a room mom i appreciate that. they decorated their valentine's bags, passed out their cards and treats and then had a brownie and some milk. thanks sue for making those. the kids devoured them. (i didn't get a good picture of jordan at school, so i owe him one.)

tonight we are having a romantic dinner for five. i am making this for us and the kids are getting happy meals. for dessert, chocolate caramel fondue with brownies, marshmallows, bananas and strawberries. next year we need to order out!!

wishing everyone a happy valentine's day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i voted!

have you?

took sofia to our polling place after our class. she voted too. well for roosevelt. they let her use the practice one.

i'm really inspired by some of the blogs i've been to today regarding the candidates. i don't want to get political here. this is not that kind of blog and i know i'm not the most informed person when it comes to this stuff and i'm not looking to start a debate with anyone. i just go by what i feel. and i'm feeling something for someone.

so this is as political as i'll get, GO VOTE!

no statement here, just a cute picture of sofia.