Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Currently | April 2019

Ah, an oldie but one of my favorite ways to tell the story of right now.

So here goes:

Listening to Musical soundtracks.  After Sofia's show this weekend I've had the Into the Woods soundtrack on repeat on Spotify.  And then I listen to Dear Evan Hansen.

Reading  Sourdough but have lost interest in the story.  I am 3/4 of the way through and will finish but I'm not super excited by the story any more.  I'll push through and move on.  I am listening to The Heart's Invisible Furies and absolutely loving it!! I also picked up The Path Made Clear at Target and am reading that one before bed.

Clearing my desk off at the end of every work day. Putting my word clarity into practice.  Clearing off my desk and putting everything in order so when I walk in in the morning I can start fresh and not feel overwhelmed. it's actually making me more productive.  

Going to a Dodger game this weekend. It's Cody Bellinger bobble head night and Sofia must be there.

Watching Game of Thrones to refresh our memories.  To be honest, we thought the new season started last weekend and just had time to watch the last episode of season 7. With a week to go we have been catching up on the best of the best.  We are huge fans of GOT.  Looking forward to the new season and all that is to come.

Hoping to get some cool things at the Notre Dame event this weekend.  They always have great items at the silent auction. The live auction is beyond my means but they also have a raffle and grand raffle. 

Eating out a lot this week. We have Volleyball games, a softball game/ practice/batting lessons, meeting at Notre Dame, an event at CHA, youth group.  It's hard to plan when people aren't in the same place at the same time.  Maybe next week I'll plan a weekly menu.

Making lasagna soup for an event at school on Friday.  It's one of my favorite events of the year.  The middle school students make bowls and the staff makes the soup. Parents bring food to donate to the food pantry and they take home a bowl. It's a fun community event.

Wondering if I have 92 more stories to tell.

Writing for 8 days in a row is a win.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Smells like Team Spirit

This is really 2 stories.

The first story is that I am blogging again.  Well at least today. I'm back to where it all started because I can't remember the password for the other blog.  And it's kind of fun to look back at the posts here.  I haven't done a post since 2016!

The real story is the one from today. The story of the guy who manages his daughter's softball team.  Who put his heart in every game, every practice, every girl.  That's the story.

This season has been rocky.  He has a monster team but they just haven't gotten it together to play as a team.  There have been some wins but more losses. Some really close games and some games that just leave you shaking your head in disbelief.  But he believes. He believes in every single player. In the potential of the team to beat any other team in the league.

What makes him special as a coach is the same thing that makes him special as a human.  He is a good person. He gives people the benefit of the doubt. He is forgiving and kind.  He never loses his cool but fights for what he believes in.  I've seen it in different situations.

I always worry that people don't really understand his intentions.  Why he makes choices on the field.  Parents can be tough. I hear them in the stands.  But he knows his role. He has to take it sometimes. And he's the first to admit when he's made the wrong choice. To take the blame for a decision, or indecision. He's not too proud to say, that was my fault.  Even if it means being yelled at or blamed.  I think he is protected by a suit of armor worthy of a Game of Thrones battle.

Today at the team meeting, after an exciting game but a tough loss, he talked to the girls about working on strategy.  The focus of the season being on learning the strategy of the game more than the batting and catching. It's what will elevate them as players, gaining value not just winning games.

After the coaches spoke, one of the girls raised her hand and talked about how much Bobby has helped her believe in her ability to be a better player.  She said it was his belief in her that made her play better - and she's doing amazing. Isn't that what this is all about?

Taking on leadership roles gives you the chance to do great things, or just to make sure terrible things don't happen.  But it also exposes you to criticism, blame, and frustration. Some people can take it. Some people deal with it for the greater good. They withstand criticism without always getting to tell their side, because that's not the point. They absorb the frustration and take the blame. It's not always fair but it comes with the territory.