Friday, July 22, 2011

road trip 2011:: part 2 - the wedding

once we hit san luis obispo we were greeted by many of our family.  we checked into our room... actually we were homeless once we got to the hotel. there was some confusion in the booking and the kids and i didn't have a room until saturday.  luckily the rooms were all suites, so the kids and i fit in grandma sue's room.

after that, we met everyone in the lobby for cocktail hour.  grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.  we were a large group.  eating chips and salsa, drinking wine and saying hello.  it was fantastic.
kenzi and her mom, nancy
the wedding was on sunday, so saturday morning bobby got into town and took the kids to pismo.  that meant that i got to go to the nail salon with the girls.  i was really excited about getting a manicure.  i never get to do it but i always love it.
then it was back to the hotel to get ready for rehearsal dinner.  we went to a steak house with the bridal party.  i went as the spouse of the officiant - it definitely has it's perks.  we sat with gigi and great grandpa and one of the groomsmen and his wife.
there was so much food.  potatoes, beans, onion rings, garlic bread.  and that was in addition to whatever you ordered for dinner.  it was very casual and intimate.  and bobby was so excited when he got one of his gifts from the bride and groom, a glass etched with the star wars imperial symbol.
we left stuffed and thankful.

sunday was so relaxed.  the wedding was at 4:30, so we had the whole day to go to the pool, grocery store, get lunch and finish writing the ceremony.
at 3:30 we headed to santa margarita ranch.
such a beautiful location for a wedding.

i hung out with sofia and the girls as bobby went over the business of marrying a couple.  and then the ceremony began
bobby got to walk down the aisle to the imperial march from star wars.  are you sensing a theme here?

the bridesmaids walked down to "somewhere over the rainbow".  then the flower girls and ring bearer had their turn.
our littlest cousin grady was so adorable walking with sofia.  he watched as she dropped the flower petals down the aisle.  he must have thought she was making a mess because he picked them up and put them back in her basket.  the crowd got a laugh out of that.
and then the bride came down the aisle to "love me tender."  not a dry eye in the house.
the ceremony was touching, personal and funny.  bobby talked about growing up with jeff and what an awesome man he has grown up to be.  he talked about kenzi's maturity and confidence and slight ocd.  there were readings from the grandfathers.  kenzi's grandfather read "oh the places you will go" by dr. seuss.  it's amazing to hear that story and put it into the context of a marriage.  so appropriate.  and then jeff's grandfather read corinthians chapter 1, "love is patient, love is kind."  my favorite line was at the end when he read with assurance, "love never fails."  i got chills.
the couple exchanged the most touching personal vows.  after exchanging the rings, they were pronounced husband and wife.  woo hoo.
after some pictures we went into the barn where the party began.
the barn was originally an asistencia for the missionaries.  they would rest here as they made their way long the royal highway.  what a great tie in to our mission tour.
another cool touch was that there was a cow bell at every table.  instead of clinking your glass for the couple to kiss, you rang the bell.  very appropriate for a barn wedding. don't you think?
after the first dance the floor was open.  bobby and i danced all night.  to every song.  including the chicken dance.  we had so much fun hanging out with the cousins, and aunts.
loved, loved, loved this day.

the next day we said goodbye to most of the family.  i wanted to visit the avila farm so we headed there in the morning.  it's a beautiful farmer's market with animals, a field where you can pick peaches right off the tree and a  gourmet shop with jelly, honey and kitchen items to take home.  i could have spent hours here.

then we went to avila beach for a little fun in the sun.
then back to the farm for some lunch and ice cream.

we had dinner with the bride and groom in their condo and watched them open their gifts.  man, i wish bobby and i could get married again.  there were a few things that they received that i would've like to take home with us.
tuesday we said goodbye to mike and becky (parents of the groom) and started our trip home.  we made a stop in solvang, a small town north of santa barbara and built completely with a dannish theme.  i used to come here with my parents when i was little and have great memories of taking pictures in front of the windmill, watching the ladies make fudge, and eating at the pizza place.
not much has changed.  we ate at the solvang restaurant where someone really loved his hot chocolate.
we walked around and took pictures.  and then we picked up some aebleskivers for the ride home.
it was such a fun trip.  and just the beginning of all of the weddings that we will be going to in the next few months.  looking forward to sharing the memories from all that is to come.

and congratulations to you jeff and kenzi.


Nancy said...

Well . . . I might be a bit biased . . . but I think this is your best blog to date! :)
All kidding aside -- THANK YOU for documenting a wonderful weekend. I didn't want it to end! I have enjoyed visiting "the barn" over the last two years, but it was truly transformed filled with so much love and joy! I love how well our families blend together. Thank you Betty!

Angela said...

What a beautiful day! Thank you for sharing. I love the colors Kenzie chose... and those cow-bells: love them! What a neat idea. Congrats to the newlyweds! :)

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm so disappointed that we missed the wedding - but so glad it was a wonderful weekend, and love the pictures and blog post!

Melissa said...

What a great blog and a great looong weekend! You captured all the perfect moments. Just one that I'm sad is missing, and it starts with turkey and ends with nuts..... :) Had so much fun with you guys! Grady mentions Sofia everyday!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding weekend!!! Thank you for reminding all of us of what we did! Love all the pictures and the flower girl and boy were absolutely delightful. May they always steal the show!!! What a gorgeous dress Kensie!!! Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

Kenzi!!! We have one of the cowbells!!! I will bring it to San Diego Labor Day and just have to buy Tom his own Cow Bell. Since just everyone reads Betty's Blog maybe Betty could mention that you need the cowbells back for the real cows!!!! Love your Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Betty,
for such a lovely review of Kenzi & Jeff's wedding. Not to show bias either... such a wonderful family!