Thursday, June 28, 2012

i am here

but i can't seem to concentrate on anything interesting to share.
i need my creative juices to flow.
i'm looking for inspiration.
be back soon.

Monday, June 25, 2012

weekly menu: week 26

our weekends can be crazy.
sometimes insane.
sometimes we sit around on sunday night and wonder how we got through it?

we just had that kind of weekend.
too many things on the calendar.
all of them important to at least one member of the family.
so we do it all one way or another.

this weekend

  • i prepped for a baby shower
  • jordan went to an angels vs. dodgers game and stayed for the fireworks
  • we went to a taping of good luck charlie
  • bobby helped with clean up at school
  • andrew had baseball practice
  • the girls put on a baby shower
  • sofia went to a birthday party
  • jordan swam with friends from out of town
  • jordan had his first basketball game
  • andrew had his last baseball game
  • we ate pizza and leftover shower food
  • bobby and i made a list of home repair items
  • the boys put up a basketball hoop
  • bobby went to the movies at 10pm to see abraham lincoln vampire hunter
  • i collapsed from exhaustion at 9:30pm and didn't get up til this morning
it's crazy but that's our life.  

making this week::
monday:  subway, basketball game and school meeting
tuesday: salmon with mango chimichurri, tropical rice
wednesday:  chicken and corn chowder
thursday: caprese sandwiches, salad
friday:  pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday: grilled kabobs and harvest medley salad

hope your week is relaxing.

Friday, June 22, 2012

easy livin'

it's summertime.
we don't have a big vacation planned.
kind of bummed about that.
but we have planned a few long weekends.
and we have some fun things in mind to make this summer a great one.
this week i asked the kids to give me a list of things they wanted to do.
and then i made a list of my own.
i don't see why we can't get it all done.
or at least try.
why not?

here's what we came up with. *items are future blog posts.
we've already checked off a few.

  • go to california adventure - cars land
  • go swimming
  • have squirt gun fights
  • make playdough - with sparkles
  • play board games
  • make s’mores from scratch*
  • make jelly*
  • make pies*
  • write a story about summer
  • have play dates
  • do art
  • visit a museum*
  • go to the beach
  • go to the movies
  • get new books to read
  • go to the library
  • go camping
  • go to gigi and great grandpa’s house
  • set up an art station
  • get messy and take pictures
  • clean up the yard, garage
  • finish/catch up/start scrapbook projects
  • eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • visit at least 3 2 different farmer’s markets*
  • read 3 books: 1 inspirational,1 to learn something, 1 for fun
  • wear lots of skirts
  • exercise 3 times a week
  • have an outdoor movie party
  • get away for the weekend with bobby
  • redesign the blog
  • make homemade ice cream
  • make cocktails*
  • write letters
  • take a family photo
  • build a barn*
  • sew something to wear - for me or sofia*
  • find a typewriter
  • work on some diy projects*
we must
  • take the kids to the doctor
  • take the kids to the optometrist
  • do our summer reading/workbook
  • clean out our clothes
  • clean out toys/hobby items
  • play basketball
  • start the high school search
  • sign up sofia for ccd
looking forward to
  •  jordan getting his braces off
  • the summer olympics
  • a wedding
  • a bat mitzvah
  • a baby shower
  • a family reunion
  • sleeping in
it's gonna be a great summer!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

for your weekend bbq

last night for dinner i made turkey burgers.  i know the menu says chicken burgers but the turkey was on sale and a better value so i went with that. i followed this recipe.  the rosemary garlic mayo was so good.  i used light mayo and added a slice of light cheddar cheese. i have to say they were de-li-cious.

i made these hamburger rolls again.  they are slightly sweet and soft, and after a quick grill, perfectly toasted.  they are really easy to make.  in fact sofia helped me stir it all together.  they rise for a total of 2 1/2 hours, so give yourself some time.  but it's totally worth it.  i may never buy regular rolls again.

so good.

just wanted to pass that along in case you were looking for something to make on the grill this weekend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


what a better way to celebrate the first day of summer than with color.  lots of color.

over the last week i have noticed a lot of rainbows.  i grab my camera, snap a picture and end up with a nice collection.

i think the idea got in my head when i made the rainbow fruit salad for the kindergarten end of the year party.  then i collected colorful things to put into the kids' "happy summer vacation" bags.  and another rainbow salad for our bbq in kernville.

once you are thinking about it, you see it everywhere.

it makes me happy!

for those of you keeping track, the marlins won their first playoff game last night 4-13.  they move on to the next round on sunday.  go marlins!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

summer cocktail: micheladas

i feel a little weird posting a cocktail recipe on my family blog.  but then again we just spent the weekend building a wine barn. it's about moderation and responsibility.

so i will post cocktail recipes from time to time.

when i first started thinking about this post the recipe that came to mind was this one.  beer, lime and chile? umm, yes please.

when i was younger i remember hanging out with my family who lives in baja. they would open a beer, squeeze in a lime and sprinkle it with some salt.  it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

i looked for recipes online and the one that stood out as the most authentic was this one.  most items can be found in the hispanic aisle at the grocery store.  i used the worcestershire sauce instead of the salsa ingelsa because i didn't have time to go to vallarta grocery store.  there is also an option to finish it with some clamato.


bottle of beer - i used pacifico
jugo maggi
salsa ingelsa or worcestershire sauce
tajin - salt with chili powder and lime

salt the rim of the glass with the lime and then dip in the tajin.  juice the lime into the glass.  i used the juice of one lime but you can use more or less.  pour the beer over lime juice. add 2 shakes of the jugo maggi and 2 shakes of the worcestershire sauce. stir ingredients together. fill the glass with ice. finish with a pinch of tajin.
sit back and enjoy the freshness.  best served with a bean and cheese burrito and a big bowl of chips and salsa.

Monday, June 18, 2012

weekly menu: week 25

school got out on wednesday.  after some tearful goodbyes and 2 pool parties we left for kernville to start our summer.

we spent our days reading, riding and building. oh and i watched some food network tv and got some ideas for dinner.

making this week::
monday: tuna with citrus gremolata, spaghetti with olive tapenade 
tuesday: playoff game - hopefully we'll be celebrating and eat out
wednesday:  chicken burgers with garlic mayonnaise, couscous salad
friday:  pizza
saturday: baby shower and birthday party
sunday: bbq something

looking forward to a great first week of summer.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

first and last

it goes way too fast.

hello summer.
we are so happy you are here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

weekly menu: week 24

breakfast at cici's
ingredients for the perfect breakfast:
a very good cup of coffee
eggs over medium
thick, crispy, and perfectly sweet french toast
a few bites of the berry pancakes
sharing it with my mom made it all the better.
beats my usual toast with peanut butter for sure.

the last week of school is upon us. actually the last days.
class parties, locker and desk clean up, and pool parties await us this week.

making this week::
monday: greek chicken pita
tuesday: shrimp tacos
wednesday:  kids' choice - last day of school
thursday: dinner with family
friday:  pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday: father's day bbq

baking this week::
i know i said i wasn't going to bake anymore but... i saw this recipe for blueberry cake and well, how can you pass it up? and i needed a week to get  my cocktails together.  look for that next week.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

around here

  • i am anxious to get my haircut.
  • there is cookie butter sitting in the pantry, and i will not eat it.
  • i am making plans for the next school year. did i mention i was elected pto president?
  • sofia enjoyed her first pedicure.  especially the massage chair.
  • i am looking for a few new books for each of us.
  • we are planning a couple of summer getaways.
  • i am in need of some new clothes.  
  • kids are taking finals and turning in their final projects.
  • we are laughing over this video.  4th grade advice for their teacher and new baby.
  • jordan is getting some much needed basketball coaching.
  • i am thinking about a blog revamp. summer will be the perfect time to work on that.
  • flowers are blooming.
  • we are excited that andrew's team will be in the playoffs.
  • i am researching cocktails for the blog.  i have my first one ready to go.
  • we are having leftovers of this for dinner - i didn't realize it made two casseroles.  it was delicious even with a few healthy alterations.
  • i am retiring my softball cleats (i don't really have any) after one game.  or at least until they need me to sub again.
  • i am enjoying these last few days of structure and looking forward to the summer.
  • sofia is getting really good at hula hooping.
  • we are all happy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

photo adventure: the zoo

destination: la zoo
occasion: kindergarten end of the year field trip
adventure: color
notes:  this adventure came together after i took the pictures and realized i had taken a picture of every color in the rainbow.  kind of cool to see it like this.

this field trip was a sure sign that school is almost over.

Monday, June 4, 2012

weekly menu: week 23

cream of wheat - brings back so many childhood memories.
ugh.  feeling uninspired.

i think it's because mondays are coming around so quickly and trying to figure out what we will be eating amidst planning for summer and trying to get the last things done before ALL of my free time is gone is overwhelming.

{deep breath}


honestly, knowing that i have to  want to post my menu on monday helps me get organized and be done with it.  i'm hoping to keep things simple and light this week, but still good.

making this week::
monday: chinese chicken salad (inspired by lunch at california chicken cafe last week)
tuesday: baked penne with chicken and sun dried tomatoes (lightened up version), salad
wednesday:  grilled fish and artichokes
thursday: carnitas tacos, green salsa, beans
friday:  pizza
saturday: we have an event tonight
sunday: dinner out

i am suspending the baking for now.  i haven't gotten to any of it in the last few weeks. bobby is calling shenanigans on me.  i have every intention of doing it, just haven't gotten around to it.  how about if i bake something i will share next week? or better yet, how about a weekly cocktail...

wishing everyone a peaceful week.

Friday, June 1, 2012

happy list:: 08

the happy list

1. tazo iced green tea
bought one at starbucks instead of coffee and i love it!  refreshing, clean and good for you.  i bought the tea bags to make at home.  it will be our summer drink.

2. a manicure
sofia and i went to the salon after school last friday to get our nails done.  she chose pink with sparkles (shocker) and i got navy blue.  love the color even if it's already chipping.  i want to try some of the new essie colors this summer. fun!

3. adventure
sofia went rafting over the weekend with the boys.  it was a little stressful for me to watch her float away. but she was so excited and not too fearful.  keep that adventurous spirit sofi, but stay safe.

4. organix shampoo and conditioner
bought this on sale at target a few weeks ago and i love it.  my hair is soft and shiny.  and it smells like hawaii.  i've also tried the moroccan argan oil and it was great too.

5. concerts and musicals
going to the carrie underwood concert in october with my sister.
going to see the book of mormon in september with bobby.
super excited for both.

have a happy friday!