Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 weekly menu #40

we had our share of good meals while in vegas last week.  one of which was the burgers at shake shack at the new york, new york casino.  if you've ever eaten here before i think you'll agree that these are delicious.  they are opening one in west hollywood next year and i am excited. eating at the one in new york is on my to do list.

as i mentioned, we've been eating out  a lot lately or making up meals as we go.  talk about stress.  so this week i made sure to get the menu done and do the shopping so we have a well stocked pantry and fridge for the week.

weekend eats
saturday: bar mitzvah dinner
sunday: mexican food after jordan's swim meet

making this week
monday:  caldo de pollo
tuesday: turkey paninis and tomato soup
wednesday: chicken piccata, lemon potatoes, arugula salad
thursday: salmon teriyaki bowls
friday: pizza

let's see how the week goes.

Monday, September 28, 2015

the good life

let's take a breath. a long, deep, collective breath. are you with me?

1-2-3. breath in and breath out.

feel better? i do.

this month has been an adventure.  more than i could have ever imagined.  that adventure has brought great things to our lives but it has also turned everything we have been used to upside down.

 it started with this simple phrase, "i'm thinking about going back to work."

once i put that out there - things changed.  isn't it funny how that happens? (or terrifying.)

i have so many thoughts to share about this roller coaster i have been on.  but right now i just want to stay in the space of calmness and get ready for what's next.

i've missed being here. writing. telling our story. i have missed it so much and thought about it a lot, but i've had little time to sit down and write. when i logged in today - blogger asked, who are you again?

the one question i kept asking was, with time being more limited, what do i want this space to be for me, for my family, for you? it's been on my mind for a while now.  it's time for a re-design. not for what this blog looks like, although it needs a face lift, but for the content that i write.

i think it's all part of whatever is next for me. this blog gets to evolve as i do.

there have been events over the last few months that make me think differently or at least see the things in our lives differently. a lot has happened and a lot has left a deep impact.  i'll want to write about the things that stood out.

here's some of the things that might inspire future blog posts:

  • 3 job offers and the fear of making the wrong decision
  • 1 temporary job that ended last week
  • 1 new job that starts this week
  • a possible career??
  • a new creative adventure
  • a possible career??
  • the taylor swift concert with sofia - she's growing up
  • andrew's quest for high school
  • jordan exploring college - gulp!
  • softball games, swim meets and football games with the band
  • another fantasy football season - staying mellow 
  • our 21st wedding anniversary
  • a super soul sunday session with oprah - i'll need a week of posts for this one
  • a trip to vegas
there are lots of stories to tell.

i'm still planning on doing menu posts.  let's face it, food is my jam and my menu helps to keep me organized. i'll post tomorrow what's on the menu for this week.  recently it's been a lot of take out and i'm looking forward to getting back in the kitchen this week.

here's to figuring out this life thing together.