Thursday, September 20, 2012

i believe

finally have a moment of quiet.  i should be doing a hundred other things.  but i'm sitting here listening to the soundtrack, thinking about the show over the weekend and i just had to share.

let me start off by saying this show is not for everyone.  religion is a touchy subject.  and this play can be offensive.  but if you can let that go for a few hours, it is so funny.
a few months ago i heard that book of mormon was coming to the pantages theater.  bobby and i love going to the theater, ok me more than bobby.  but we love a good show. (and he's a south park fan.)  so we made sure to get tickets during the amex presale.  we had no idea that we picked a date in the middle of chaos.  the pto had its first event that evening.  the good thing is that we had tickets to the matinee and our event at school was at night.  so in typical mitas fashion we would make both things fit into our day.  after some planning and delegating i realized we could make it work.

i'm so glad bobby and i had this time together.  a few stolen hours to laugh, enjoy some great music and talent and not think about anything but this moment.

this play didn't just make us laugh, and yes cry, but it touched our hearts.  it was smart, emotional and brutally honest.  the music is so fun.  i just wish i could listen to it while the kids were with me.  the soundtrack reminds me a bit of joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat, another favorite.

there were moments that made me cringe.  but more than anything i let go of my thoughts for 2 hours and i just enjoyed.  i felt grateful for the opportunity to be sitting in these seats, listening to these talented people, yes feeling uncomfortable, but letting go and losing myself.  we loved every minute of it and would like to try and see it again.  but maybe when there is less stress in our lives.

we got out of there with time to get a bite to eat, pick up the kids and get to school in time for the movie.  see it all works out in the end, if you believe.

Monday, September 17, 2012

weekly menu: week 38

thai dinner after our open house
another week in a very busy month.
the kids have the day off today.  exactly what we need.  we get to take a breath, catch up on things that have been neglected and a chance to just relax and be lazy.  our weekends have been just as packed as our week.

upcoming week:
first pto meeting
planning for a big school event
a 40th birthday party
28 miles of running
reworking my football line up, again
welcoming fall

making this week
monday: santa fe chicken salad
tuesday: penne with marinara
wednesday: bbq chicken quesadillas, pineapple salsa
thursday: grilled tuna, rice, vegetable
friday: pizza
saturday: birthday party
sunday: eat out

working away and making a lot of progress. we have a few more big events to get through.  then it will slow down a bit. i hope.

have a productive week!

Monday, September 10, 2012

weekly menu: week 37

what a lovely weekend.

i got to be in the delivery room on friday to welcome our new nephew.
and we still managed to make it to a school function at night.
saturday the boys got their new beds and dresser. (andrew says their room looks like a picture out of a catalog.)
then another visit to see the baby.  he is so cute!
sunday spent the day doing laundry, watching football and pulling my hair out.  i need to give my fellows a pep talk this week, and change my line up.
then went swimming and had dinner with friends.

we are cherishing our weekends.  monday comes around way too soon.

making this week

monday: chicken pomodori paninis
tuesday: back to school night
wednesday: cheese entomatadas, mexican rice
thursday: salmon with black bean, corn and avocado salad
friday: pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday: birthday party

my to do list is 4 pages long.  skipped yoga this morning to get started on it.  i'm breathing in and out.

hope you have a great week!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

ooh september!

you only just got here and already you're showing me whose the boss.

you started off beautifully with a wedding in long beach.
a mix of cultures and traditions.

young love that inspired us.

 a photo booth and good music.  we had a blast.

then we celebrated 18 years of marriage.  a drive down the coast.  enchiladas and a shrimp burrito. time alone at the beach.

some gourmet cupcakes.

then it was back to life and school and schedules.
we're struggling getting back into the routine.

throw in some intense running for me, some intense swimming for jordan and some intense work for bobby and we get it.

september, you are going to challenge us.
you are going to make us question our dedication and drive.
you are going to pull us in 20 different directions to see if we can take it.

but we got this.

we'll enjoy our fantasy football games.
we'll celebrate the birth of a nephew.
we'll celebrate a milestone birthday for a family member.
we'll laugh at book of mormon.
we might even have a great time in vegas.

ooh september, you won't get the best of us.
it might be messy but we'll come out of it better than we started.

and just so we're clear, you're not the boss of me!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

weekly menu: week 36

ahh, we are saying goodbye to summer.  kids are settling back into school.  we enjoyed some time at the beach this weekend.  we're eating the last of the fruits and vegetables of the summer season. but the heat still reminds us that summer is not gone, yet.

making this week
monday: hot dogs and salad
tuesday: teriyaki salmon, rice, steamed vegetables
wednesday: pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw
thursday: chicken tostadas
friday: pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday: grill something

busy week ahead.  lots to get done.

have a good week!