Thursday, May 28, 2015

one little word | update

i am... moving along in my one little word album. although i am not sure my word full is moving me to change my life or is the center of my thinking, this class is reminding me that i had goals at the beginning of the year that i want to achieve.

on several occasions the word has popped into my head and i've thought, i told myself i was going to live life to the fullest. am i doing that? are the choices i am making reflecting my goals? am i giving this my full attention? it's a little voice in the back of my head. it's not a constant thought but it's enough to sometimes push me in the right direction. and it's just what i need.

for may we got to play with paint and stencils and mist. i had to tell myself to let go and have fun. for me it's ok to follow the leader and not feel like i have to be completely different. i want to complete the assignment and i want to enjoy the work.

the task was to make 9 art cards and describe who i am.

my process followed ali's pretty closely. i cut the paper to fit the pockets. i painted them with gesso to get a heavier texture. i stamped and stenciled with grey paint. then i covered everything with a light coat of white to tone down the grey and make it more subtle.  i misted with more stencils and pink and gold mist. i stamped the "i am" at the top of each card and wrote out my statements.

what i loved about this process was that i had to be patient, something i struggle with. every layer has to dry before you can add the next layer. i had no expectation about how i wanted them to turn out. i didn't overthink or worry about if it looked "right." i just did it. sometimes playing is what it's all about.

i also took some time to finish up a few of the previous months' prompts.

the vision board is the one i get stuck on every year. in fact this is the first time i've completed it. but i didn't make a big board.

i get overwhelmed with all of the images and words. instead i made a smaller scale piece using the phrases and words that stood out to me. and i love it.

march was an action assignment. what things can i do that will help me achieve the goals i set for myself? here are the five i am working on at the moment. making some progress. i'm sure i will add to the list as the year moves along.

the opposite page is supposed to have printed pictures that visually represent my word. i have the photos ready to be printed but need to upload and pick them up at costco. on the to do list.

i'm also filling out these reflection cards every month. it's something new for me and i'm enjoying them.

we will get a new prompt on monday for june.  hoping to get the april photos in the book before then so i am up to date.

here is the post with the first few pages of my book.

i hope you are still in touch with your word for the year if you chose one. it's never too late to refocus and revisit the reasons you chose your word or choose one now.

it's a small thing that can have a huge impact.

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