Tuesday, June 29, 2010

and we're back

yah.  got our computer on sunday and all is right with the world.  i've been having fun discovering the updates on some of the programs i use.  iphoto now has face detection.  one click of the button and i can find any picture with andrew in it.  it AWESOME.

our weekend was so much fun.  saturday was our very first bar mitvah.  cultural and filled with tradition.  i am such a sucker for that.  and the party was beyond.  all of his favorite things including a candy store.  the kids got to fill up bags with licorice, m&m's, jelly beans, fireballs.  the dj, who was amazing, led the kids in games and gave out glow sticks and light up sunglasses.  we sat at a table with the kids teachers and some of our friends.  sofia danced the night away.  her favorite was dancing "single ladies" with the dj.  i literally had to drag her off the dance floor at 11pm so we could go home.  i think she will enjoy all of the weddings that we have in the next few years.  i just have to remember to wear comfortable shoes.

we are so happy that we have friends who will be having bar mitvahs/bat mitvahs in the next few years.  looking forward to it.

sunday we had breakfast with our friends the conroys.  yummy quiches, crescents and scones.  the kids love getting together with their boys and playing legos or jumping on the trampoline.

then we came home so that bobby could go to the yankee/dodger game (we are not talking about this game) and i could go with angela to one of my favorite places on earth, crate and barrel, so she could register for her upcoming wedding.

i'll share pics from the engagement photo session after i get through all 800 pictures.

glad to be back in business with the computer.  looking forward to sharing more of our summer adventures.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Five on friday

Today's theme - five ways to live without a computer.

1. Have an iPhone - ok this is tecynically cheating. But my phone let's me check my email, text, tweet and blog. It certainly doesn't replace my computer but it's a good stand in until we get it back.

2. Go to the movies - we saw Karate Kid twice last week. And yesterday we went with grandma Sue to see Toy Story 3. It was great. We were all crying at the end, although Andrew said he was just chopping onions. It was a bit scary for Sofia, but she was so excited to see Jessie. She even wanted to dress like her that day. The added bonus: go to the Disney store with grandma after the movie. The kids scored and came home with a Jessie doll, bullseye, green army men, a Zurg blaster and legos. Can you guess who got what? Yes the green army men are for Bobby.

3. Make vacation plans- we have our itinerary almost down. It looks like the boys will be on the river for 3 days while Sofia, D and I relax on the coast. Then we'll meet up with them and spend a day or two in Gold beach. We'll camp in the redwoods before going to Sacramento to visit our friends. It even looks like we'll go to the state fair while we're there. And finally we'll head to San Francisco for a few days. We're trying to get tickets to a Giants game. Whew. Lots in store for us.

4. Go to the park - loved doing that the other day with my mom. We packed a picnic and sat under a shade tree. I could have spent all day there. The kids played on the swings, in the sand and on the catepillar that was used in the E.T. Movie.

5. Watch soccer, Wipeout and baseball - I love that the whole family enjoys watching these things together. We'll laugh and cheer and root for who we want to win. It's great family fun.

Heading into a fun weekend; bar mitzvah, breakast with friends, wedding registry with Angela and Dodger/Yankee baseball.

Have a great Friday.

Monday, June 21, 2010

No way

I just realized that I can blog from my iPhone. So cool. Our darling Mac went into surgery on Saturday with the hope that it will come home this week. And maybe then it will be back to normal. The great news is that it will get an update as well. New iPhoto and other programs . So it will be better than it was before.

Other things so far, I took all 3 kids to the grocery store last week. Trying to keep my usual routine of household tasks. I figured the kids could help me out, right? It was a big mess. Let's just say that my mom is coming today so I can go to the grocery store alone.

Went to a princess party on Saturday for sofia's friend. The girls got princess hair do's, face painting, a tea party and a visit from the "real" Ariel. It was fun and Sofia had a blast. I took pictures of her princess look but will have to post when I have access to my photos again.

And yesterday for Father's day we all went to the park for a BBQ and baseball game. I loved that the weather was not too hot. And the food was yummylicious. To my dad, dads in law, brothers, uncles, friends and all daddy o's out there - happy father's day, love you all.

And to the greatest daddy and partner, you are the love and fun in our lives. Thank you for making our lives exciting, comfy, and filled with laughs. We love you beyond words!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

it turns out that . . .

- our computer woes were worse than we thought.
- after only 2 years, we need a new hard drive.
- we should have bought the extended warranty.
- when we are in a difficult situation and are cursing the stars, God looks down at us and says "here you go"
- we were owed some money from the i.r.s. and it showed up in our mailbox at the right time
- not everyone is against us
- we will be without a computer for 5-7 business days
- i have to think fast
- the "karate kid movie" is worth seeing . . .TWICE!
- you'll want to go eat chinese food after you see it.
- you can't scrapbook without your pictures.
- the laundry will get done this week
- i'll finish reading my book sooner than i thought.
- i love "eat, pray, love" and am so glad that i chose to read it at this moment
- "being still and doing nothing are two completely different things"
- disneyland was not that crowded on the day that "world of color" opened to the public
- our first week of summer was not that boring, even without a computer
- i can live without the new iPhone . . . for now
- getting hit in the head with a softball requires 6 stitches and lots of aspirin (don't worry bobby's ok, just a little embarrassed)
- that won't stop him from playing on friday.
- he is more hard headed than i thought (pun intended)
- that working hard and studying results in excellent grades and first honors - woohoo!!

hope everything thing is turning out OK for you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

please send help

having terrible computer issues that are driving me crazy.  mainly that it is running V.....E.....R.....R....Y slow.  it started a few weeks ago when half of my iPhoto library went missing.  you can imagine the panic, fear and anger that i felt at opening the program expecting to see my pictures and seeing nothing!  after a desperate search, i found the originals still on my hard drive and was able to save them to an external hard drive where they will be safe and sound for a while.

but since then, the computer has not been the same.  it's running slow, keyboard is acting weird (i wish you could see how long it is taking to type up this little post.) and things are not where they should be.  so she is going into the repair shop on saturday.  well at least the genius bar, hopefully it will be a quick fix.  and while i'm there i'll pick up a laptop, an iPad and reserve the new iPhone. right, honey?

today is the last full day of school for the boys.  and tomorrow is the last day for sofia and the boys.  then let the summer begin.  do we have plans?  yes and no.  i will have to wait until the computer is in working order to share our plans with you.  i can't link pictures or websites right now.

for now, trying to enjoy these last few moments of peace and tranquility before it is kids 24-7.  maybe it's a good thing that the computer is not working so i can be busy doing other things.

hope you are well.  wish us luck with the computer.  i will update soon.