Sunday, October 31, 2010

our pumpkins

we're spending time with these characters . . .
but i promise i'll be back soon.

have a safe and happy halloween.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 on 10.10.10

a cool date to have a blog entry.  even though i have other things to blog about, like sofia's birthday.  but i wanted to make sure to get a post in on this day.

1.  bobby was in kernville on friday and saturday for the crush.  he couldn't make it to the vineyard so he met up with everyone at the mobile for the crush and some bottling of a leftover barrel.  the kids had school on friday, otherwise we would have been there too.  looking forward to a good year!

2. spending a lot of my time working on the school's halloween carnival.  we are calling it the "all hallows eve festival" to go with the school wide theme of ancient worlds.  lots of meetings and flyers and notes.  looking forward to next year when someone else takes over and we just get to enjoy.

3. excited that i won a giveaway on a blog for these markers.  i'm a sucker for colorful markers.

4. started thinking about my december album this year.  it is a project i look forward to doing every year.  my goal this year is to post my pages on my blog or flickr.  i always start that but never finish.

5. sometimes being a parent can be so trying.  had a frustrating incident at the baseball field and i didn't know what to do.  it ended up with both of us crying and going home.  just when i think i've got it together, i realize i have a lot to learn.

6.  made these pinkalicious cupcakes for sofia's birthday last week.  they came out pretty cute, and yummy.

7. everyone's been passing around a cold these last few days.  it started with andrew who had a mild case, then sofia and now jordan who has it bad.  bobby and i are trying to fight it off and hopefully can make it.  but it's just the beginning of cold and flu season around here.

8. jordan had a saturday meeting for his mock trial group.  he is going to be a prosecuting attorney.  he's been studying the case and coming up with questions for his witness and cross examination.  it is such a cool project and all of the kids are working hard.  the competition will be november 3.

9.  loved going to her soccer game on saturday.  she is still hesitant, but it helps having a friend from school there.  they kick the ball to each other and then play 3 on 3, or 3 on 2, or 2 on 2.  it depends on whose celebrating or crying or paying attention.
10. had a quiet day today.  i took andrew to a laser tag birthday party in the morning.  chatted with the moms while the kids played.  then we went to baseball practice and well, that didn't go well.  came home for a nap, some football and pizza from our favorite place.  ending the day with a martini and an episode of mad men.

hope your day was memorable.

Friday, October 1, 2010

hello october

i seriously cannot believe it is october already.  but i am so excited because this is my favorite month of the year.  so many things to look forward to and it's the month before the craziness of christmas takes over.  here are some of the things i am looking forward to:

1. october ; )
2. pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes
3. cozy sweaters
4. boots
5. sofia's birthday
6. fresh, crisp air
7. trick-or-treating
8. halloween carnival at school
9. daylight savings time
10. disneyland  (?)
11. learning something new
12. maybe wearing a scarf
13. taking lots of pictures (feeling a little out of practice)
14. having soup for dinner
15. creating a little
16. soccer, baseball and swim
17. orange, gold and brown
18. carving pumpkins
19. going to the beauty and the beast sing-a-long
20. picking up a new book

just to name a few.  love, love, love this month.

have a great weekend.