Saturday, May 30, 2015

may goals revisited

project life cards from studio calico
we're at the end of may and i wanted to check back on my list of goals i made at the beginning of the month.

  • blog everyday in may - i did it. i am so happy with that i did this. it taught me a lot! more on that in another post.
  • i'm running my 5th half marathon gulp - another huge accomplishment that i wrote about here.
  • get a massage - i had a decent recovery after this race so there wasn't a huge need but i would still like to get a massage soon.
  • cheer sofia and the daring divas on as the softball season ends - woohoo. what a great season for my girl.
  • celebrate andrew's 13th birthday on mother's day - we did and it was great. we also celebrated last weekend with a nerdfest. 
  • do more hand lettering  - i am practicing and trying to learn some new styles.
  • start eating dinner outside - fail. but the weather has been so unpredictable lately.  i'm moving this to my summer goal list.
  • continue getting 10,000 or more steps a day after the marathon - another miss. in fact i took my fit bit off for a week after the run. i think i was mentally and physically over it. but it's back on now.
  • do something other than run - i've been hiking every week with a friend.  last week we hiked to the top of rocky peak. it was a tough 5.6 mile hike but we did it. now it's time to bring back yoga, cycling and maybe a trx class? my trainer texted me today that i should shoot for running 4-5 times a week!
  • use my dslr camera more - i took my camera out a few times this month. there is no comparison in quality but the iPhone is just so handy.
  • go on a creative/food adventure and take pictures - i haven't posted my pictures of my pasadena excursion. maybe i'll get to that next month.
  • get up to date with my online classes -  i've made it through the one little word class and am catching up on the hand lettering class i enrolled in. 
  • go on a date with bobby - did we? can't remember. i know we got to spend time together and we went to an adults only class social, so i guess that counts.
  • purge the house of stuff  - i am reading that book and am motivated to get rid of more stuff. it took bobby to get it started. i think too much and he just does it. so we're moving along.
  • read - there is definitely more time for this. i am enjoying tiny beautiful things and i have a good summer list going so far. mostly books about food. i know, right?
not bad for one month. i am working on a summer goals list now.  i will share that next week.

have a happy saturday.

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