Friday, December 30, 2011


the year ...
celebrated 4 weddings
welcomed 2 new babies into our extended family
paid $4.09 a gallon
had 2 monte carlo nights - but never went to vegas
ate gourmet at the food trucks
said goodbye to weekday preschool with heavy hearts
went to palm springs - twice
made tortillas and fresh squeezed orange juice
made friendship bracelets
visited 5 missions
went to summer concerts
upgraded to iphone 4s

got 372 points in scrabble
performed one amazing wedding ceremony
was a guest lecturer for a university
didn’t get injured in softball - did i mention that half of the games were postponed due to bad weather?
wrote something that’s the talk of the town
turned 40 with style

surpassed his goal in baskets
went to yosemite and inspired us to go
went to his first rock concert
made it through 3 rounds of mock trial
took 14 seconds off his butterfly
grew 5 inches and 2 shoe sizes

played a lumberjack, an oompa loompa and a bully
learned a lot about the mayans 
took the field for the cardinals
pitched two innings
went away to science camp
had a baseball birthday party
made us laugh with his wit

turned 6
lost 6 teeth
got 6 shots
was a flower girl twice
amazed us on stage
started kindergarten
made friends with ease
grew up way too fast

put life in focus
saw my little sister get married
read a book that will stay with me forever the help
ran my first 5k
and my second
wrote 228 blog entries this year
went to chicago for one of the last tapings of the oprah show
took some cool food photos
spent time with a faraway friend
had an amazing girls’ weekend
accomplished many of my goals
what a year.
what an unforgettable year.
looking forward to 2012 and all it has in store for us.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

one little word

what a journey this word and i have had this year.

it is the word that helped me reach so many of my goals.
it is the word that kept me moving, growing and dreaming.
it kept me wondering and reaching.
it surprised me and challenged me.
it made me take a deep breathe.
it made me think and forced me to see things for what they are.
it was fun.
it will stay with me forever.

i especially enjoyed taking the one little word class this year.  it was a great way to keep my word present throughout the year.  i've been doing this for 4 years now and this is the first year that my word has been consistent, and a lot had to do with this class.

i am signing up again this year but focusing on my new word.

i started thinking about my word a few months ago.  listening and being patient.  for a while i thought my word was going to be "intention".  but then i saw this word and i really thought about the meaning and what i want for my life in the coming year and this was it.

in 2012 i want to be happy.
simple as that.

i am happy now.  i am.  not all the time, but i have a happy life.
what i want is to be really happy.
to eat things that make me happy.
to experience things that make me happy.
to visit places that make me happy.
to be with people that make me happy.
to feel it in my soul.

i think what sealed the deal for me was reading this quote:

i couldn't stop thinking about it.  to be happy not just for me but for others.

and then i found this:

my year will be filled with trying to do this.

i have been collecting quotes and synonyms and definitions.  if you follow me on pinterest you may have noticed that my quotes board has been filled with beautiful images of happiness.

this word feels right to me.  it's a simple word.  it's doable. and it can change everything.

i even have a second stage.  once i have the happiness thing down my word will transition to delight - something that gives great pleasure or joy. i have a feeling it will be a natural transition.

my sister gave me the happiness project a few years ago and it has been sitting on my bookshelf.  this is the year i read it.  maybe one chapter a month.  read it and put it into practice.

i am so excited to really be happy.
i hope you will consider having a word for your year.  it is truly life changing.
and i would love it if you would share your word here.  let's take this journey together.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

weekly menu: week 52

recipe found here

not that i have a menu to share this week.  but i had to keep these posts going throgh the last week of the year. our schedule this week is completely open.  with all of us home we are going with the flow, eating lots of leftovers and eating out too.

making this week::
monday: we had turkey noodle soup.
tuesday: cheese enchiladas, rice and salad that i didn't make for christmas.
wednesday: ??
thursday: ??
friday: ??
saturday: i think we are having halibut for new year's eve.
sunday:  jordan wants spaghetti and meatballs for his birthday.

baking this week::
i have buttermilk in the fridge that i want to use up. so i'm thinking that calls for scones with dried fruit.  

did you have something outstanding to eat for christmas?  i will be sharing our story this week, with lots of food pictures of course.  

enjoy the last week of 2011!

Friday, December 23, 2011


hi.  i'm not avoiding you.  just enjoying some family time and getting ready for the holidays.

i'm sure you're busy too.  so i won't keep you.

i'll be back next week.

merry christmas.

Monday, December 19, 2011

weekly menu: week 51

just checking in to post our very menu.  lots going on this week.  celebrating and eating will be a huge part of it.  looking forward to it.

making this week::
monday: whatever is in the house.  it's been a long weekend.
tuesday: eat out.  see monday.
wednesday: celebrating hanukkah with friends
thursday: turkey noodle soup.  i've got some turkey bones ready to be used.
friday: pizza
saturday: christmas eve with my family.  haven't decided on the menu.
sunday:  christmas here.  haven't decided on the menu.

as you can see i still have a lot to think about this week.  

jordan and i are headed out on an adventure today.  so i'm out of here.  maybe i'll update once the menus have been set.

happy monday!

Friday, December 16, 2011

right now

it's friday.  the kids are on christmas break.  i am exhausted.
here's what's happening right now.

time: 5:24
listening: to andrew play video games and sofia watch tv.
wondering: what we will be having for dinner.  the kids had pizza at their holiday parties today so that won't work. and to be honest i would love to not have to cook tonight.
loving: that we get to spend the next 2 weeks together, even bobby will have the time off.
planning: a few play dates for the kids next week.  i love that they want to see their friends over the break.
opening: our big boxes from amazon.  i was able to order a lot of our gifts this year from them.
hoping: to wrap them all tonight and scatter them under the tree.
excited: to have a date with bobby tomorrow.  what shall we do?
wanting: to sign up for this workshop again for next year.  it was a life changer for me.
 feeling: peaceful and thankful for a great year.

this was a good week for us.  normally i am stressing and running around.  i did some of that.  but i also got a lot done.  a lot.  so i feel good about having the kids home for the next two weeks.

i did the party hop today.
starting in kindergarten with sofia's class party.
then jordan's middle school lunch.
and andrew's class.  they had a book exchange party.

looking forward to celebrating christmas with bobby's family on sunday.  good food.  gifts for the kids.  joy for everyone.

hoping your week was productive and that you have excitement awaiting you this weekend.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

40th celebration

bobby turned 40 on december 1st and we wanted to celebrate in a big way.

over the summer we went to a house warming party and the hosts had a monte carlo night.  we played roulette and black jack for a few hours and had a great time.  bobby decided that's what he wanted for his birthday.

then when school started the pto had their teacher welcome back luncheon and we hired a taco guy to cater the event.  i brought home some of the leftovers and bobby said that's who he wanted to cater his birthday.

so the party was planned.  add in 55 of our closest family and friends and we had a bash to end all bashes.
the monte carlo people were awesome.  we rented a roulette table and a craps table.

 i loved playing roulette at the first party but never had a chance to play it here.  everyone had fun betting and watching the ball go round and round.
the most popular table was craps.  first of all the dealers were great.  they helped most of us learn how to play the game.  and the game has such excitement around it.  all of the people standing around.  the pressure on the roller.  chips go everywhere.
there was cheering, yelling, laughing, mulligans, betting, throwing and all kinds of shenanigans going on at that table.  i got to play for a little bit at the end of the night.  i had to join in the party.  i think some of us gained enough knowledge to try it the next time we're in vegas.

and then my brother did us a huge favor by handling the black jack table.  he had the mat and the cards and stood in as the dealer which helped save us some money.  thanks jorge.  everyone enjoyed it.

 and of course we couldn't pass up the chance to roast bobby on his birthday.  thanks to cousin jeff, my brothers, great grandpa, and mike for saying some nice, and comical, things about bobby.
look who came out a big winner.  grandma joyce.
at the end of the night guests traded in their chips or "cash" for tickets.  then we picked winners who went home with target gift cards and bottles of wine.  not a bad party favor.

i put out a deck of cards for people to leave birthday wishes on.
 no birthday cake.  instead we sang happy birthday and ate chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, peppermint brownies and pan dulce.
thanks to my parents for opening up their house to this occasion.  thanks to my brother for setting up his sounds system.  thanks to sandy for documenting the evening.

the night was a huge success.  bobby was a happy guy and everyone had a great time.  something tells me that 41 will be a good year to do this again.

Monday, December 12, 2011

weekly menu:: week 50

trying to eat healthy during this time
what?!  week 50?! how can that be?
the year will be over before we know it.

and as christmas approaches we are keeping super busy around here.
not just with christmas gatherings and to do's but with lots of birthdays and celebrations.

so this week i promised myself that i would keep things simple in terms of dinner. i want some time to relax and enjoy.

making this week::
monday: chicken and vegetable soup - perfect for this cold and rainy day
tuesday: turkey burgers and fries - never made that last week
wednesday: bbq salmon, mashed potatoes and green beans
thursday: mole and tamales - celebrating my parents' birthdays
friday: pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday:  family christmas celebration

baking this week::
i missed the annual cookie bake this year.  but the kids went and brought back some goodies to share with me.  i'm trying not to overdue it with the sweets but they are tasty.  i would love to try to make some cookies too.  i especially love this recipe for raspberry linzer windowpane cookies.  hopefully i can find the time to make them this week.

i hope you are all staying dry.
i'm off to the grocery store.  wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

weekly menu:: week 49

today is all about playing catch up.  and i'll start right here with the menu.

making this week::
monday: turkey meatball and spaghetti soup and garlic bread. yummy and perfect for this chilly weather.
tuesday: tacos and rice (leftover from the party on saturday)
wednesday: cheese entomatadas, salad
thursday: kids' holiday concert - eat out
friday: turkey burgers, sweet potato fries
saturday: birthday party
sunday: ??

baking this week::
no real baking this week but we will be making tamales this weekend with my family.

sorry for the short post.  playing catch up and have to stay on track.
next task, yoga.
have a good day.

Monday, December 5, 2011

what a weekend!

still recovering.
still cleaning.
still resting.
trying to think straight.
trying to get back on track.
feeling overwhelmed.
feeling focused.
feeling like i can do this.
and then feeling like i can't.

still no pictures to show.
no menu yet.
still planning.
but it's coming.

another crazy week ahead.
they're not going to get any easier.
very long to do list.
but we'll make it.
we always do.

check back later for....more.

happy monday!

Friday, December 2, 2011

five on friday:: looking forward to the weekend

my computer may crash if i add even one more photo to my library.  i will spend some time today backing up my photos and transferring them off of my computer to a hard drive.  so for now no pictures.

besides that, here's what i'll be doing this first weekend of december.

1. playing with our new iphones.
finally they are here.  i cracked the screen on my phone about a month ago and have been making do.  but when bobby's phone crashed it was time to replace both of them.  he got black and i got white.

2. casino night and taco guy
celebrating bobby's 40th - vegas style with a little mexican food thrown in.  it's gonna be good!

3. getting my haircut.
i am in such need.  wondering if i will go short or keep it this length... stay tuned.

4. decorating the tree
it's been up all week but without any ornaments.  i think we'll do that tonight while we enjoy some pizza and a bloody mary.

5. working on my december daily
loving what i am seeing already.  and i love this post from ali.  exactly why and how i am tackling this project.

have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

birthdays and december daily

i know that i should take this time to say something amazing about my wonderful husband who is turning 40 today.
i know i should have prepared an emotional post where i declare all of the qualities that i love and cherish about this man.
i know i should have uploaded pictures of him growing up and that show him at his best, or worst.
i know that he deserves words of praise and honor.

and i may have something like that.
but i may be waiting until later to share.

for today i simply want to say...
i love you with my whole being.
i wish you happiness and fulfillment.
i am so very thankful for everything you do.
have the happiest birthday ever.

can't wait to party!!

on another note:
today is the first day of december and the first day of my december daily.  i put together this album to record those magical moments that we will experience throughout the month and that i don't want to forget.  i'm great about keeping up but terrible about posting.  i'm thinking once a week would work.  you can also follow along with others here or by clicking the december daily icon on the side bar to the right.  this is supposed to be a fun project.  i'm not going to stress about it.  i'm keeping it very simple and going to take this time to play along and have fun.

happy december!!