Friday, May 29, 2015

some things | 5.29

something that makes me (and him) happy - school's out for jordan. what a year of challenges, accomplishments and real life. he made the most of this year and we are so proud.

something else that makes me happy - watching the kids present at their student showcase today. what a wonderful way to teach us what they've been learning for the last six weeks. the energy on campus today was electric and it's only going to get better.

something to make - i've seen a lot of pictures of shake shack burgers and they look incredible. i would prefer to have them in new york but maybe this recipe will get me through until we can go.

something to add to my trader joe's  shopping list - i have my own list of favorites that i should share sometime.

something to inspire - good life project. i'm listening to their podcast episode called building a living around your creative soul.

something that spoke to me - my sister showed me this commercial last weekend and it got me. exercise is a choice that doesn't get easier. i'm struggling getting back into it but this commercial pushed me to the other side.

something to replace my gatorade - a switchel. it sounds refreshing and perfect for hot summer afternoons.

something worth paying to see at the theater - entourage. at least i hope so. bobby and i watched the tv show and we're interested to see where the movie goes.

something to remember - beer week in la.  who knew? not me.

something to celebrate a birthday - or a graduation or summer or friday? strawberry cookies and cream cake. you know i'm making this soon.

something i had to preorder - it takes day in the life to a whole new level. one week in the summer documented in detail. it's gonna be fun.

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Mackenzie said...

OMG, that cake...yes! And shake shack burgers are amazing. I'm now drooling. We loved them so much we went there twice when were in NYC!