Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the quiet man

andrew turned 11 quietly on the 10th of this month.
he was home from his sea world trip and celebrated with his friends at the park.
a word used to describe andrew.
not that he isn't noisy or loud at times.
not that he doesn't get angry or frustrated.
he is just quiet.

he doesn't like to make a fuss.
he isn't about calling attention to himself.
he likes peace, calm, and tranquility.

he is crazy funny.
but you have to be listening.
he is subtle.
he is clever.
he is mature.
he is loving.
but not outwardly.
he sneaks it in.
he whispers it.
he is tender.

he is adventurous.
but not to the point of danger.
he walks the line.
he tests it out.
he is restrained.

he is amazingly bright.
but keeps his thoughts to himself.
if it's worth sharing, he will.
if called upon, he's on it.
he is gifted but not pretentious.

he works things out.
with his friends.
with his siblings.
with himself.
sometimes i wish he would ask for help.
sometimes it's frustrating that he doesn't.
but he's found a way to make it ok.

he's a heck of a ball player.
but he doesn't like the roar of the crowd.
he hates to disappoint.
he doesn't want to be a star.
but that smile shows his love of the game - strike out, walk or hit.
that smile means everything.

he is all love.
he is all laughter.
he is all that is good in the world.

i will quietly whisper i love you.
he will quietly whisper he loves me too.
that's all we need to know.

Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 22

summer is just a week and a half away for us.  and we are already swimming, grilling and enjoying the warm weather.  working on the yard this weekend in between baseball games.  planning our vegetable garden and easy landscaping to get the outside looking healthy again.

it's an easy week this week in terms of dinners.  keeping it simple.

weekend eats
saturday: pot luck for running group
sunday: chinese food after baseball

making this week
monday: bbq with family after baseball
tuesday: chopped salad
wednesday: grilled salmon and vegetables
thursday: eat out after jordan's CHApter presentation
friday: pizza

happy memorial day. have a good week.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

before school gets out

another beautiful card from trader joe's.
the other day someone had the nerve to mention how many days of school were left.

ten days til graduation.
10 days til the kids are home all day.
10 days til it's a little more difficult to do what i want, need, have to do.
don't get me wrong.  i am looking forward to summer and time away from school and no homework, schedules or things to do. but with their freedom comes a loss of mine.

so i'll cram everything into the next ten days.  here's what the list looks like for the next 10 days:
  • reschedule the dentist appointment that i flaked on a few weeks ago because of a very important school meeting.  not looking forward to the lecture.
  • do some summer clothes shopping for all.
  • make jordan his graduation present.
  • schedule his graduation lunch.
  • get myself ready for his graduation.  it's gonna be ugly people.
  • get my hair cut (and colored)
  • get the kids' hair cut.
  • get caught up on project life.
  • finish the last two assignments from my one little word class.
  • find a new exercise routine.  hopefully one that will get me motivated to keep going during the summer.
  • research and book a vacation. a.s.a.p. looks more like a few long weekends at this point.
  • schedule those coffee and lunch dates i've been postponing.
  • visit this store.
  • eat here again.
  • spend the gift cards i won from crate and barrel and bed, bath and beyond.
  • get a manicure.
  • get the car washed.
  • clean out the pantry, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets.
  • write out our summer bucket list.
  • finish up some books so i can get new ones.
  • make at least one thing from my diy pinterest board.
i know, i need more than 10 days to accomplish this.  and not everything needs to be done before school gets out but it would be nice to cross some of them off.

i also want to enjoy the routine and structure of the next 10 days.  summers for us are completely about free time, relaxing and being on our own schedule.   

let's see what i can get done today.

Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 21

fried goat cheese salad from market city cafe.
looking back at the last month of menus, i have to be honest; we haven't eaten everything on it.  we have been so busy, out of the house at dinnertime or just not had enough time to get the planned menu on the table.  we've eaten out a little more, moved the items around or eaten something completely different.

but things are going to s l o w d o w n for us starting this week.  i'll have more time to plan and prepare the meals this week.  as least i hope so.

weekend eats
saturday: date night: dinner at market city cafe (gotta love the breadsticks)
sunday: sandwich bar

making this week
monday: shrimp lettuce wraps, orange chicken, rice
tuesday: cpk dine out fundraiser
wednesday: pasta with creamy tomato sauce
thursday: buttermilk baked chicken sandwich, salad
friday: pizza

looking forward to a nice calm week.  i only have a few more left before school gets out.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

around here: may

everyone is settling back into life after being away on work trips, school trips, being an only child for a week, and that race.  it's good to have us all back together.

eating fresh berries that we picked at the farm on our way home from solvang.

 still feeling the emotion of completing the race.  it last for weeks and i love it!

 cooling off from the heat with shakes.  it didn't really help, just made me thirsty.

 recovering with a greek vanilla yogurt, berry and chia seed smoothie.

 loving my mother's day roses.

 my favorite kind of list.

 building a game for friday.  skeeball with crop circles.

 celebrating a birthday with lots of legos, of course.

thankful for all of the wonderful volunteers at our school.  my hand will be hurting but my heart will be grateful.

it's coming down to the end of the school year.  lots of activities, a graduation to plan for, a summer with lots of potential but no definite plan.  may is going to be an adventure.

Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 20

post race meal.
what a difference a weekend makes.  kids are back from their trips. andrew is one year older. family is back together.  race is completed. mother daughter tea is behind me. i wish i could say i now have all this time, but the truth is i don't.  i have today, a quiet-catch up on things-no run-day off.  then we're back on baseball schedule, band try outs and school festival mode.

no running for 2 weeks for me. taking time off will be hard.  it's been a part of my (almost) everyday since january and i hate the fact that i will lose some of that conditioning and have to start a few steps back on that next run.  but it's trainers orders and it's part of the recovery process to avoid injury.  so i'm giving my shoes a break.

this week i'm going for a more balanced diet of protein and carbs.  it was a carb feast for me the last few days.  pasta, bread, bagels, rice.  it sounds great but i wasn't used to eating like that anymore.  i actually put on a few pounds, which is normal but uncomfortable.  nothing a 1,500 calorie burn from a half marathon can't fix.

weekend eats
saturday: salmon, mashed potatoes, vegetables at the cold spring tavern
sunday: tacos

making this week
monday: pork loin, lemon asparagus couscous salad
tuesday: shrimp lettuce wraps, miso soup
wednesday: southwest chicken salad: chicken, beans, corn, salsa, avocado on greens
thursday: salsa verde chicken tostadas
friday: pizza

hope your weekend was beautiful!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

without 2 boys in the house

  • it's awfully quiet in the car.
  • we listen to a lot more high school musical and a lot less foo fighters.
  • we have plenty of milk.
  • i don't hear the drums everyday at 4:30 pm.
  • there is less laundry to do.
  • sofia counts down the days til they come back.
  • there is no baseball or volleyball after school.
  • there are fewer dirty dishes.
  • they aren't here to unload the dishwasher.
  • making one lunch is a lot easier than 3.
  • food lasts all week.
  • walking into their room makes me sad.
  • only one person showers in the morning. (not saying who.)
  • i pick sofia up from school 30 minutes early.
  • we have a little extra time in the morning.
  • it's just 3 of us at the dinner table.
  • i don't get to hear the details of their day.
  • i wait for a text or phone call. they don't come often enough.
  • no one feeds the fish...the fish!
  • i have to feed the fish.
  • the computer is available all the time.
  • there's no fighting or tears or tattling.
  • there's less hugs and goodnights and kisses.
  • something just doesn't feel right.
looking forward to greeting andrew today when he gets off the bus.  and jordan comes home tomorrow night.  bummed they have had rainy weather but it sounds like they are still doing it all.  hoping to post some photos next week.

Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 19

nutella, strawberry and basil pizza
my menu this week has to follow a pre-race plan; protein load the first part of the week and carbo load the last part of the week.  it's hard to believe the race is this saturday.

i am looking forward to easing up on the running.  after 15 weeks of pushing myself on the trails, running 40 and 20 minutes will be a breeze. this week is about taking it easy, staying hydrated and fueling my body.  oh and staying mentally positive.

it almost seems like i'm cheating this week.  carbo loading means breakfast, lunch and dinner.  but that's one of the benefits of running, right?

weekend eats
saturday: dinner at a mexican restaurant
sunday: taco bar

making this week
monday: bbq salmon, sweet potato, roasted green beans
tuesday: chicken and rice casserole
wednesday: spaghetti and meatballs
thursday: rice and bean burrito
friday: eat out - pre-race dinner

keep the boys in your thoughts.  both of them are traveling today on school trips.  they are going to have an amazing time, but will be missed at home.

enjoy your week.

Friday, May 3, 2013

a happy recap

this has been an interesting few weeks.  i've been busy with so many different things - it feels like a whirlwind.  i think it's because we're coming down to the end of the school year.  but i also think it's because it's life and life can be crazy sometimes.

here's what's been going on with us lately:
baseball for andrew has been hit or miss.  pun intended.  he seems to have lost his confidence and has not had a hit in quite a few games, until last week.  lots of talking to him and convincing him that he has what it takes.  the worst part was seeing him so upset.  we didn't think he cared.  but his attitude has done a 360 and his performance is starting to reflect that.

feeling a little emotional about jordan graduating in a few weeks.  nine years at the same school is a long time and this school is his home.  at the same time he's been planning for the next four years.  taking placement tests, filling out registration forms, auditioning for the band.  last week notre dame had it freshman reception.  it was nice to see all of these new faces together.  he will be graduating in a class of 24 and starting high school in a class of over 300.  he is so ready.

bobby was away last week on an adventure.  we missed him so much but managed to get through the week without a disaster.  he went from place to place seeing some amazing sights and dreaming of what could be.  i think his dream is going to come true...

and then he was home.

 hanging around with these goofballs. going to see "41" was completely inspiring.  maybe that helped andrew a little.

hiking with the dads and sons from our school.  they saw a rattlesnake on the trail.  luckily it had just eaten so none of the kids were harmed.  beautiful spot for a picnic.

alumni dinner at school. next year these kids will be reunited at this event.  this year they proudly shared where they are headed for high school.  such a close group of friends.  i hope they stay in touch and i look forward to hearing about their accomplishments.

i went solo to the school's gala, but i had lots of friends to share the night with.  it was a casino night and birthday extravaganza.  i won an auction basket filled with cooking goodies, including a $100 gift card to crate and barrel!  the night was a huge success for all.

the volleyball season is almost over.  not the best, but jordan gave a new sport a try.  next year maybe he'll try water polo.

he is also out of control with the rubik's cube.  i can't get over how fast he solves it.  and no, he doesn't take it apart.  he started a trend at school by getting one and teaching his friends how to solve it.  now they're all doing it.  his latest purchase is the 2x2 and the 4x4.  that one is giving him some trouble.  algorithms, twisting, turning, i am so confused.

prepping for 2 more events at school; the tea and the end of the year festival.  this project has something to do with crop circles.  

i don't have time, but i started this.

excited, nervous, jealous.  they are going to have a blast.  and looking at their itinerary, they are going to be wiped out.

tropi-kale smoothie.  yummy!

did my last long run last weekend. 12 miles!!!  it was a killer but i did it.  now we are tapering in preparation for the race next week.  tomorrow we run with the group, just 8 miles this time.  then it's off to the race and beautiful santa inez.  can't wait.

my sister in law and met becky higgins, a scrapbook industry icon.  she has inspired me creatively, as a woman and mom for many years.  her project life system is all the scrapbooking i need in my life.  doable, creative and life changing.  so fun to meet her.

loved finding this in sofia's folder this morning.

but this, this is a treasure.  i hope she always feels this way.

lots of stories to tell, but not a lot of time to sit down and record them.  that has to change.  it's not just about being busy.  i'm enjoying the moments, big and little.  and i want to remember them.  

i will.

have a happy weekend.