Friday, May 22, 2015


on tuesday we had sofia's softball team party to mark the end of the season.  and what a season!

from the moment she started playing with this group we knew it was going to be about learning and working. she was on a team with two coaches who have been with the program for a while.  they had everything under control, perfectly organized and running like a true team.

she was the littlest one on the team but she made her presence known from day 1. she had little experience but was willing to put in the work to get better. the coaches let the team know from the beginning that they were there to work hard; run your hardest, make an effort and have fun.

my favorite story was at one of her first practices the coach told them that if they weren't giving their best effort he would have them do push ups.  he had her run to first base as fast as she could, and she ran but not that fast. so he made her do push ups.  after the practice i asked her about it and she said "i didn't run my hardest. but man, i did some awesome push ups." that's when i knew she was tough enough for this sport.

she worked really hard. there were days she would go from school to volleyball practice, to softball practice or game and then home for homework, dinner and bed. it was a huge sacrifice of her time.  but she did it willingly. it got to her a few times but she didn't want to let her team down and pushed through.

she made friends right away, as is her personality, and figured out how to fit in with a group that seemed to know each other pretty well. she learned the cheers and made herself at home in the dugout. and the girls encouraged her along the way.

she played second base and outfield. and wow, did she improve. at first she didn't want the responsibility of getting the ball, so she would let the other girls get it. yep, she would stand there and watch the ball go by.  there was a lot of yelling, but she figured it out.

during the last playoff game, she made 2 outs in the first inning.

she was a hitter... in the cages and at home.  but when she came up to bat the nerves got to her and she walked a lot. walks from coach's no swing signs, and some from getting hit by the ball and some because her strike zone is pretty small.  either way, she made the most of her time on the bases and would often score. eventually she will get a hit and then there won't be any stopping her.

she wasn't afraid; of the ball, of the coaches or of making mistakes. she has grown to love the sport. when she gets home from school and if it's still light outside she and bobby go outside and play catch, and practice pitching.  she's a fan for sure.

we are so thankful that she was on the daring divas this year. the coaches were so patient with her but also pushed her to do better. we would play with any of the coaches, girls or parents again.

we are so proud of what she was able to do this year and can't wait to see her improve. in spite of everything else she takes on; school play, volleyball, schoolwork, and friends, i think softball is what really matters to her.  at least until the next thing comes along.

the other day she told me she wants to play for the notre dame softball team when she gets to high school... and volleyball, soccer and maybe basketball. dream big sassy!

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Gina Boulanger said...

I heard parents talking about her two outs while watching Faith's game that afternoon. Way to go, Sassy!