Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 weekly menu #20

andrew's birthday cake
my mind is on overload this morning. the kids went off to school and i am thinking about what needs to get done next. what i want to focus on. how i want to work and play. maybe it's from coming off such a high this weekend with the run, a championship softball game, being with my family and celebrating andrew's birthday.

there is laundry to do from the kids' trips, a volleyball game today, some pto stuff coming up, pictures to download, and memories to document. i need today to be 48 hours long so i can get it done.

moving a little slow today. recovery is going well but i have some soreness and discomfort. a foot soak would help, and maybe a nap.

one of the things i need to do today is clean out the pantry and make dinner with things i find in there.   my menu is based on a few things i know are in there.

weekend eats
saturday: chicken soup to help with the tummy and a modelo especial to help with the pain
sunday: carne asada tacos, grilled corn and chocolate cake

making this week
monday: chicken pho - i have rice noodles
tuesday: tortellini with tomato sauce - i have pasta sauce and a package of frozen tortellini
wednesday: grilled salmon, mac and cheese and salad - per sofia's request with fish sticks
thursday: chicago style hot dogs - have you seen the cover of cooking light this month?
friday: pizza

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