Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas

so i can't figure out how to post a video here.  i've been trying for two days and i have just about given up.  but it's cute and it explains why i haven't been around for a while.  i will keep working on it and get back to you. 

but in the meantime i wanted to pop in and wish everyone a wonderful christmas. hope it was full of fun moments, surprises and lots of good food.  see you all soon.

Friday, December 11, 2009

have you ever . . .

had a day where you felt like everything went wrong?  you know you run around trying to get things done and you can't quite cross anything off your list.  or you spend so much time trying to make a decision and then walk out empty handed.  or you buy something on the internet and then go into target and find it $30 cheaper.  or realize when you get home that you forgot to drop off the angel tree present at your daughter's school and it's been in the car all day.  or realize that you didn't fill your prescription and you are in desperate need of some pain relief.  or it's raining outside, all of the kids have been picked up from school and you remember that you were supposed to go to the store and get something for dinner.

well i am having one of those WEEKS.  it literally feels like the world is spinning around me and i need to get off the ride.  there are two weeks until christmas but only one week until the house is full of kids.  i have things to do, cookies to bake, presents to wrap.  i am a mess.  next week is full of class parties, holiday concerts and as much present buying as is possible and i really need to schedule a manicure somewhere in there.

and my hands aren't helping.  i went to an orthopedic specialist yesterday and he thinks it carpal tunnel or trigger finger.  my x-rays came out fine.  the question now is why?  hopefully one of the 12 viles of blood they took out yesterday will reveal the problem.  i have a nerve test next week and then i meet with dr. again on christmas eve to see if they have any answers.  in the meantime, i am wearing hand braces on both of my hands at night and taking advil to help with the discomfort.  he prescribed an anti-inflammatory but as i stated earlier it's still on the to-do list.

anyone else having a hard time?  i'm trying to keep it together but right now i just want to crawl into bed and sleep until new years day.

had to share this photo that i took this morning.  sofia was the snack girl and i brought tamales to share the posada tradition.  i also brought these clementines and i loved that they had christmas stickers. i am trying to get out of this funk and enjoy the holiday.

Friday, December 4, 2009

december daily - day 3

here is the page for yesterday.  i just finished it.  yes, we are throwing a holiday party on saturday.  we decided on a white christmas theme and asked our guests to come in white.  the menu is centered around white food, cheeses, tarts, ravioli, chicken, white wine, you get the point. 

today we had colonial day at school for jordan. each of the parents chose a station to host and we had to prepare and bring what was needed for the activity.  there was candle making, johnny cakes, quill pen writing, lanterns, even a classroom with a mean, old teacher (sorry michelle).  bobby chose games and i did quilt making.  bobby's group played horseshoes, had a three legged race, and made whirly gigs.  we made quilt squares and hand stitched leaves on them.

i was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed it, even the boys.  they caught on so fast and really made them look special.  we did have one little accident, a bleeder.  but he was ok.  we had lunch and then saw a presentation on the printing press.  they also had ben franklin visit the kids and talk about life in colonial america. 

everyone dressed up.  we opted to piece together costumes with stuff we had at home. luckily i still had jord's vest from when he presented a book report on ben franklin.  we added a long sleeved white shirt from old navy, a pair of sweats and bobby's socks and his tennis shoes.  sometimes comfort wins out over authenticity.

i felt more like an altar boy than a colonial woman but it worked for the occasion.  here i am with the school mistress, miss whipsemall.

i'm so glad we get to do this again . . . and again.  maybe we will invest in costumes for next time.  thanks sue for all of your supplies and help. 

have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

december daily - day 2

here is my page from yesterday.  the school does this really cool boutique.  a few of the moms, not me, go shopping throughout the year and gather gifts to supply the boutique.  we filled out a list and sent money for them to buy something for me and bobby, sofia and each other.  there is an adult to help them, but for the most part they choose what they want to give.  in the past we have gotten mugs, pens, bracelets, stuffed animals.  last year andrew got me these pretty heart earrings.  but the first year jordan gave me an ornament that said i was a special 'grandmother'?!  seriously, where was the adult on that one?!

i love seeing them carry their packages home and put them under the tree.  and they are so anxious to reveal what is in them.  one of my favorite things this season.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

december daily - day 1

I know i should have done a page with bobby's birthday but i loved this picture of sofia so i went with it.  i'll add b's birthday later.

and here is the cake.

pretty cool huh?  ice on the mountains, a waterfall, rapids and rocks. this is me

and this is bobby

it was good, butter cake recipe.  we've never had it before.  he did an awesome job.  but he has challenged me to make the next one better.  i accept the challenge!  we enjoyed our pizzas, drank some wine and ate cake.  it' hard having weekday birthday celebrations when the kids have school the next day.  everyone was tired this morning.

  it was a good celebration.  happy birthday b.  we love you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

here we go

can you believe it's december already?  seriously, where did the year go?  time is going by so fast and i haven't had a chance to catch up yet.  remember that post from bobby?  and the rest of my gratitude posts.  unfortunately, it's only going to get crazier. 

but . . . i am doing my december daily again this year.  i've completed it 2 years now and it is a book that i love looking back on.  it reminds me to keep it simple and focus on those little moments that make this month so special.  i am inspired by ali, of course, and molly.  i'll try and post my pages here when i can.  here's the page i did as my opening.  it sums up the month that awaits us.

today is also the first of four birthdays we are celebrating in our family this month.  my mom and dad and nephew all have birthdays in december.  but today it's all about bobby.  he is off at work today and hopefully someone is taking him to lunch and getting him a big cake.  tonight my family and bob and d are coming for dinner.  i am making 8 pizzas, and a salad.  he wanted to bake his own cake yesterday and wow, what a cake.  i'll share pictures later but let's just say there was food coloring, lots of chocolate frosting and lego figures involved.  i fell asleep before he was done and this morning i looked at it and was amazed at what he had created.  and if it tastes good i will hand over the spatula to the new ace of cakes.

so today we celebrate the first day of the last month of the 2009, the countdown to christmas, a birthday for a special guy and a peaceful day, cause it's about to get CRAZY!!