Sunday, March 31, 2013

5 x 12 : march

  • i turned 43 (that might be the last time i admit that).
  • jordan was accepted to both high schools with honors.
  • we registered him at notre dame high school. (i have to apologize to those friends and family who were unclear that jordan was going to high school not college.  though i love that you think he's smart enough to get accepted.)
  • sofia celebrated the 100th day of school, dr. seuss day, the first grade assembly, and the father daughter dance.
  • the kids ran in the school jog-a-thon and raised money for their school.
  • i ran a 10k.
  • i had the best sushi and the best sandwich.
  • we went bowling, go cart racing, and made two trips to the beach.
  • i learned to play poker for real.
  • we enjoyed our spring break.
  • andrew rocked it at the plate gaining confidence at each at bat.
  • bobby flew to berkley for lunch.
  • the boys watched season 2 & 3 of lost.
  • sofia watched high school musical 241 times!
  • we started watching house of cards on netflix.
  • i found new music.
  • we filled this month with happy memories.
enjoying our easter today.  hope you are too.

Friday, March 29, 2013

our weekend: part 2

i have to admit that we have been taking it slow this week.  i am definitely in vacation mode.  getting up in the morning is a slow process.  watching tv, staying in our pj's and just hanging out.  we've taken care of a few things; cleaning out the kids' closets, getting some new clothes for spring and keeping up with my running schedule.  but that's about it.

so i'm a little behind on my posts.  here's part 2 of our weekend and i will most likely have the march 5x12 post up this weekend.  but hey, it's my blog and there are no rules, right?

so where were we?
sunday, bobby had a meeting in beverly hills.  so it became a pit stop on our way to san diego for a birthday party.

he dropped me and the kids off at a park and then went to the four seasons for his meeting. it's been a while since we've been to a park.  they were resistant at first but then didn't want to get off the swings.  they really enjoyed watching and listening to the toddlers on the playground.

we took a walk around the neighborhood and saw the design center.

sur restaurant (any vanderpump rules fans out there?)

and decided to walk to lemonade for lunch.

i'd read about this place a lot and was so excited to finally get the chance to eat here.  and oh my.  we were impressed.

my sandwich was outstanding. buttermilk baked chicken, cole slaw, green tomatoes on pretzel bread. i'm hoping to replicate for our menu in the coming week.

i love this display of colorful dutch ovens filled with mac and cheese, soups and stews.

and the lemonade was excellent.  arnold palmer for me, old fashion for sofia and andrew.  but jordan's was the best.  pineapple lemonade with coriander.  so good.

bobby joined us after his meeting and grabbed a blueberry mint lemonade and some macaroons to go.  we will definitely visit the one in pasadena soon.

we made it to san diego in time for some birthday celebrating.

and meeting new family members.  sorry i didn't get any pictures of the birthday boy on my camera.

monday morning we left san diego and then we went out to laguna to meet up with our cousins from out of state.

we found the perfect little beach area that was quite and beautiful.  the kids played in the water.  threw the football around and made sandcastles.

nora touching sand and water for the first time.

we even saw a pod of dolphins swim by, very close to the shore.  see the fin on the left?

we stayed until dinnertime and then drove up pch to newport.

i found this restaurant on yelp with good reviews.  fish tacos and burritos were the perfect meal after spending the day at the beach.

that got us back on the road after traffic died down.  we had a relaxing little getaway to start off our spring break. it was great seeing everyone.  thanks for a great time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

our weekend: part 1

this past saturday i ran the great race of agoura hills 10k.  this was the same race that i ran as a 5k two years ago and what really got me started running.  last year i also ran this race as part of my training for the half marathon.

this race is a mid point in our training.  it is a similar course to the one in santa barbara, so it's a good gauge as to how the training is going.

saturday morning i was up at 5:15 am to get ready and then out the door by 6.  i met up with our trainer at starbucks and then we walked to the starting line.

while waiting for our start i found a friend.  this race is very popular so i was expecting to see someone that i knew.

it felt comfortable for me to be at the start of another race.  i was excited to run and see if i had improved from last year. but i did feel pressure to do better.  to be faster.  and to see my time improve.

after the national anthem and the first wave of runners were off we made our way to the start. i turned up my new playlist and started running.

along the way i wanted to capture some of the sights.  the sun peeking through the trees, the old agoura sign, the crowds of people running the streets.  but i knew that it would slow down my pace to get my iphone out and i was feeling good.

i did manage to get this picture right at 3 miles.  in the process i accidentally turned off my running program so it didn't monitor the rest of the race.  huge bummer.

i had to go on feeling, running fast when i felt i could and having to walk up part of the last hill to the five mile marker.  then racing to the end.

as usual that last quarter mile i took off my headphones and just listened to the crowds cheering us to the finish line.  i also looked for our trainer who was watching from the finish line.

i crossed the finish line at 1:03:17,  taking 3 minutes off my time from last year.  it felt so good to cross and finish strong.  it felt even better to eat pancakes, bagels and have some water.  i strolled the after party for a bit, met up with team mates and then had to get home for a birthday party.

i took sofia to a friends birthday party at sky high.  this place is awesome if you like trampolines.  the kids get to bounce, jump, throw balls and have a great time.  i was feeling pretty sore from my run in the morning so i just watched.

after the party it was off to andrew's baseball game.  his team was on a winning streak outscoring their opponents by a big margin.  but this game ended their winning streak and reminded the boys that they have to work for every win.

honestly, this team is really good.  the players can hit, run and catch.  we've got a beast of a team.  and unlike last year, andrew is finding his way.  he is a more confident player, with a good attitude.

they trailed most of the game and found themselves down by 4 in the last inning.  andrew went up to bat and worked the pitch count to 3-2, fouling a couple off.  he finally made good contact and hit the ball to center field bringing in 2 runs and making it to second base.  on the next batter he scores and the game is now a 1 run game.  unfortunately they just came up short and lost.  but it was really exciting to see andrew so involved in the game.

after the game andrew was awarded the game ball. he didn't brag about it and didn't even tell us he got it. he hid it in his baseball bag.  but i knew.  he doesn't like to make a big deal about it and honestly, doesn't like the attention.  but we are so proud of him.
way to go andrew!

saturday ended with all of us exhausted but feeling pretty good about our accomplishments.  lots to be proud of.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 menu: week 13

pho ga from last week. need to work a little bit on my version to get it right.
we are starting our spring break off right.  the last 3 days were amazing hanging out with friends and family.  i ran a 10k, jordan took a high school placement test and andrew had an awesome baseball game. we got home yesterday from san diego where we spent time with family, hung out at the beach and drove up the coast.

and we have been eating and eating and eating.  even with all the running i'm doing i don't think i am making up for the calories i am consuming.  so this week it's back to the basics of balance and portion control.

last week our schedule was all over the place.  i changed around our menu and ended up not making a couple of the meals i had.  so they are back on the menu for this week.

weekend eats:
saturday: arigato sushi
sunday: birthday party - chicken asada burritos
monday: fish tacos from bear flag fish company in newport

making this week
tuesday: sopes de chorizo
wednesday: bbq salmon salad
thursday: slow cooker chicken black bean tacos, rice
friday: tuna melts, salad

happy tuesday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

around here: march

 it's crazy how quickly this school year has gone. we had our last parent teacher conferences of the year yesterday.  our meeting with jordan's teachers was emotional - last one ever!  they know him so well and continue to encourage and challenge him.  graduation is just around the corner.

 sofia is constantly drawing and making art.  i love finding these treasures in her backpack.

 we can't get enough of this bread.  it's so good!  this week i bought one for us and one for my sister.

 got the sweetest surprise on our doorstep.  the joe-joe's i've been looking for since the holidays.  a sweet friend found them, bought them and mailed them to us.  thanks nancy!!

 flowers blooming.

 found this plant at trader joe's.  love the story behind it.

 making some decorating decisions.  finally replaced my christmas doormat with this one.

visited the home goods by our house.  oh man this could be trouble.  this trip i just picked up two glass pieces for the new bookcases.  love this green.

yesterday i picked up my race packet for the 10k on saturday.  i have to admit i am feeling anxious even though this is the easy race.  just half the distance i will be doing in may.  but races give you that nervous energy that make you run faster, so it's a good thing.

looking forward to spending time with these three.  a little bit of work and a whole lot of fun will be had.

hoping to write some long overdue posts for next week.  lots of pictures to share.

have a happy weekend.

Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 12

bobby's lunchtime stop. they make avocado fries?! sounds like a must try.
going into a very short week for us.  the kids only have 2 1/2 days of school before parent teacher conferences and then spring break.  looking forward to stepping away from the routine and taking a mental vacation.

this week i have a lot to keep me motivated.  first is using the new crockpot i got for my birthday.  can't wait to trying out some new recipes.

i am now in the 8 week countdown for the 1/2 marathon.  so i will be concentrating on eating the right foods that will give me the fuel and energy to do some longer runs.  i'll be working on all of my meals throughout the day.  making sure they are balanced, nutritious and of course yummy.

i am really looking forward to making pho for the first time.  can't wait. i want the kids to help me make spring rolls too.  hopefully they will.

weekend eats:
saturday: birthday party for a friend
sunday: pizza, salad

making this week:
monday: eat out - baseball game
tuesday: slow cooker chicken black bean tacos, rice
wednesday: turkey chili, cornbread
thursday: pho ga, spring rolls
friday: bbq salmon, couscous salad

enjoy your week!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

all in a day: 3.9

my birthday always seems to come up and surprise me.  i feel like i'm just getting over the frenzy of the holidays, celebrating jordan's birthday (which took us into february), then valentine's day and boom it's my birthday.  i love that everyone asks what i'm going to do and are surprised when i say nothing.  just chill at home with the family.  maybe order a pizza.

this year my birthday landed on a saturday.  naturally that means we should have a party, right?  well, no.  but it did mean that we could celebrate late into the night whatever that may be.

because it was a saturday that also meant that i had running to do.  and this day the training involved a five mile course with a steep incline.  our trainer always makes fun of me because he knows hills are not my favorite thing in the world.  but i do them knowing the downhill is the best feeling.  and honestly, i don't have a choice.

my running buddies.
i loved starting the day by challenging myself.  it felt good. and oh what a beautiful day.  the weather was just how i love it.

a good breakfast after a great workout is my favorite part of the day.  i've earned every bite.

then jordan and i had to get to notre dame to register for school.  i loved that i got to spend some alone time with him.  we both talked about being nervous and excited about the change ahead.  i got to tell him how proud i am of everything he has done. and i got a better insight into what he wants to do with his life. (he has no idea. but his interests and talents are widespread, so the sky's the limit.)

we went to a few presentations and learned about course load, financial commitments, and all of the extras that go along with the high school experience.  we even had to track down a sweatshirt since they had put them all away by the time we were ready to purchase.

doesn't he look good?

we left the high school and hurried to the baseball field to catch the last two innings of andrew's game.

that's him on second base.
i think andrew did this for my benefit but at his next at bat he hit a double right into centerfield.  i missed the actual hit because i was trying to position myself to take his picture.  but i heard the crowd cheering and looked up to see him running to second.  the next batter drove him home and he crossed home plate with the biggest smile on his face.  i love that he's doing so well and enjoying his sport.

two of his grandparents were there to celebrate their second win and to give me a birthday hug.

before heading home sofia and i had nail appointments at our favorite salon.  she is a pro at this now, picking her colors (pink with silver sparkles), sitting patiently while the lady paints her nails, and then waiting for them to dry before touching anything.

showing off our manicures.
she told me in the car that she wants this to be our new birthday tradition.  sounds like a plan.

a stop at starbucks for my free birthday coffee - venti skinny caramel macchiato and a hot chocolate for the girl.

at home we relaxed while bobby went to softball practice with his new team.  then my parents came over to pick up the kids so bobby and i could go to dinner and a movie.

bobby gets to enjoy some nice lunches through his work. he comes home and says "i went to this restaurant that you would love."  so he planned an evening to take me to one of those places.

sushi. yes, please.  katsuya in hollywood, alrighty.

we ordered the rock shrimp over spicy tuna roll.  the best thing i've had in a long time.  i mean really good.  we could have had two.  we also got ceviche, tuna on crispy rice and the lobster on a california roll.  oh and this brew.

a-ma-zing!  no time for dessert.  we had a movie to catch.

we had tickets to see side effects at the arclight.  i had heard good things about this movie and frankly we've either seen everything else or really didn't have an interest in what else was out.  not the most cheerful movie - it deals with depression and the side effects of medication.  but it was well acted and we were drawn in to the story.  overall a thumbs up.

love this display on one of the walls.  we stood on the stairs and identified all of the movies we've seen - it was a lot.  of course many of them we watched in school.  but some of the classics i hadn't seen.  must put those on my todo list.

here we are waiting for the movie with our big tub of popcorn and a drink.  there is always room for popcorn.

my favorite part of the night was walking back to our car.  the streets of hollywood on a saturday night are a sight to behold.  people watching, listening to the guy rap in front of the restaurant.  limos pulling up every two seconds. the stars on the sidewalk.  i forget sometimes that we live in the shadow of this famous city.  i forget that bobby sees the glamorous and crazy side of this business everyday. it's still exciting and scary and entertaining for me.

i couldn't do this every saturday night.  but once in a while it's kind of fun to step into this world.

that's how it went.  my birthday come and gone.  celebrated exactly the way i wanted.  thanks for the facebook notes, the texts, cards and phone calls.  it's nice to be reminded how much you are loved.  thank you to all for making it a special day.

Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 11

french onion soup from panera.

after a fun weekend celebrating my birthday i feel grateful and inspired.  ready to start this new year with energy and enthusiasm.  we'll see how long that lasts.

we have a few things happening this week that may have an impact on our menu but we'll see how it goes.  i'll be prepared and flexible.

weekend eats:
saturday: sushi for my birthday
sunday: pizza

making this week:
monday: bobby is taking the kids to dinner - i'm hanging out with the girls and the bachelor
tuesday: bbq chicken sandwiches, fries
wednesday: pork carnitas tacos, cilantro lime rice
thursday: three cheese lasagna, caesar salad
friday: father daughter dance - the boys and i will probably have leftovers or go out

have a good week.

Friday, March 8, 2013

and so it ends...

today as bobby walked out of the house to take the kids to school he looked at me and said "enjoy the last day of being 42." he kissed me and went on his way not knowing the impact those words left on me.

sure it's just another friday.  another day with lots of things on the to-do list.  but it's also the last day to fill with memories of my forty second year of life.

i sat at the table drinking my coffee and eating my toast (the blueberry streusel breakfast bread) and wondered was this year all that it could be?  did i make the most of the last 365 days? what is the story that this year will tell?

for sure it was filled with happy memories.  places we explored. good food. conversations that made us laugh, think, maybe even cry.

i worked hard on choosing happiness.

i found creativity and my imagination.

i ran 2 half marathons, and hundreds of miles in between.  this truly changed who i am, what i think i am capable of and showed me the strength i never knew i had.

i gave of my time and talent to our school and watched it grow.

i learned a lot about being a leader and realized i still have a lot to learn.

i had to trust - in faith, in myself, in all things good and positive. and then trust that i would be ok with whatever the outcome was.

i made new friendships and strengthened existing ones.

my life looked back at me in the eyes of my children.  3 unbelievably amazing kids.  they are a reflection of who we are - and that's kind of awesome.

i was challenged and tested this year.

i had to stand up for myself and acknowledge when the fight was just not worth it.

i had to be honest with others and with myself.

i learned (and am still learning) to let it go.

i looked for guidance and inspiration. and let it sink in.

i defined myself more clearly.

i learned to enjoy stillness - taking in every breath fully.

i took chances but maybe not quite enough. i played it safe more often than not.

i loved him with everything that i am and he loved me back.  truly nothing feels better than that.

it was indeed a wonderful year.

and so it begins.

a new year.

the best year.

i have plans and goals, of course.

i am daring to live greatly - a more meaningful and vulnerable life.

filling this year with more risk, more potential for failure but also for greater accomplishment.

i want to be all in.

in the end what will really matter is that i can say that i lived this year with purpose.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

currents: 3.7

time: 10:12 am
place: kitchen table
eating: blueberry streusel breakfast bread with peanut butter and banana
drinking: chocolate milk - it's the perfect after run drink
feeling: happy
listening to: imagine dragons' night visions - love this album
thinking: about getting older
creating: an album about my running - i've collected a lot of photos and stories along the way
hoping: it rains this afternoon
needing: to fill out paperwork for andrew's trip to sea world
wishing: i was going to washington, d.c. with jordan - he's gonna have a blast!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

our weekend in pictures: friends, dolls and baseball

we packed a lot of fun into our weekend.  we started celebrating on friday with the good news that jordan was accepted to both high schools.  and it was even more exciting to find out that he was accepted with honors - meaning he is eligible to take honors level courses his freshman year.  we are so proud of him and know he will do well next year wherever he goes.

friday night i went out with some girlfriends for foot massages and appetizers.  amy organized the crew and took us to a great little place that offers a 60 minute massage for $20.  can't beat that.  and with all my aching muscles i needed it.

afterwards it was appetizers, wine and even an early birthday celebration.  i love these girls.  thanks amy for getting us together.

saturday morning, i did my run and then met bobby and the kids at the baseball field for opening day.  i love this banner with photos of each of the kids.  bobby took the pictures of the boys and then had the banner made. we have a good team this year.  excited to see them play this season. go marlins!

after showering and getting some lunch the boys and i went out for our school's mother and son bowling night.  neither one of them really wanted to go. but once we got there and they saw their friends and knocked down a few pins they were had a blast. and so did i.

this is the last mother and son event at cha for me with both boys.  kind of sad,  but so much to look forward to next year.

we came home and then bobby and i headed out to hang with some new friends who were hosting a chili cook-off and poker tournament.  bobby has become friends with these folks through school but i am new to the group and was a little anxious.  and well, poker is not my thing.

i know the basics - what hand beats what, but i've never played for real.  and i was at a table with all guys.  they gave me a quick lesson and then i was on my own.  at one point i was the chip leader at the table - beginners luck, right?  bobby made it to the final table and then lost. we had a great time and hope to get together with them more often.

then it was sunday.  another run.

back to the house to get sofia and off we went to the grove to meet up with some of our friends from school.  we took the girls to the american girl doll store for lunch and shopping.

we've never been here and were blown away by what they had - a hair salon, hospital to get doll repairs, photography studio.  it was insane.  sofia's doll was passed down to her from her aunt and grandma sue sews all of her clothes, so this was a whole new world for us.

the girls sat at lunch with their dolls and enjoyed pasta, pink lemonade and dessert.

and mimosas for the moms.  this place has something for everyone.

everything about this place is so cute and sweet (and expensive). luckily we had some of her christmas money with us so we bought her doll an outfit, a book bag with a miniature binder, pencils and a pair of glasses. this place is heaven for these girls.

finally we went to andrew's first baseball game of the season.  marlins vs. pirates.  at andrew's 3rd at bat  the bases were loaded and he got a base hit driving in 2 runs!!  despite getting out he had the biggest smile on his face.  it was the perfect ending to our weekend.

luckily the kids had monday off so we could recover from all the fun.