Friday, May 1, 2015

everyday in may

i have a few minutes to breath today. to let things settle. to think and plan. this time is so valuable right now. i have time to really do things right, not fly by the seat of my pants. it's not that things aren't still crazy, just calmer. we'll call it calm-zy.

it's the first day of may and i'm ready for a challenge. i read about a cool idea to blog everyday in may. everyday. sounds like something i could do. but more importantly it sounds like something i need to do. practice writing. get my stories told before they disappear into the craziness and are forgotten. writing for me is necessary. i must do it.

i found some blogs that have prompts for what to write everyday. i'll be following that loosely and adding in what i want to write as well.

today it's about goals for this month.

  • blog everyday in may
  • i'm running my 5th half marathon gulp
  • get a massage
  • cheer sofia and the daring divas on as the softball season ends
  • celebrate andrew's 13th birthday on mother's day
  • do more hand lettering - let me know if you need anything
  • start eating dinner outside
  • continue getting 10,000 or more steps a day after the marathon - love my fitbit
  • do something other than run - need a change
  • use my dslr camera more. it's not as handy as my iPhone camera but the pictures don't compare
  • go on a creative/food adventure and take pictures
  • get up to date with my online classes - need more creativity in my daily life
  • go on a date with bobby
  • purge the house of stuff - thinking about reading this
  • read
also wanted to share a photo of jordan from yesterday's last swim meet. he was so excited to swim the 200 yd freestyle and had a goal of coming in at 2:00:00. he won the event and got a personal record of 2:00:14. then he won in the 100 yd freestyle and has a new personal record under :56. it was a great swim season for him. #goknights

stop by tomorrow for another post and wish me luck.

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Mackenzie said...

Good luck, Betty! And great job, Jordan!