Friday, May 15, 2015

andrew @ 13

andrew is officially in the teen years.

emotionally, he's been there for a while now. but we can't deny the fact any longer that 2 of our 3 kids are teenagers.  and there is so much to love about that. really!

andrew is all kinds of wonderful.  in his serious, sarcastic, under his breath way he makes the world a happy place, but you have to be paying attention to get it.

andrew is loving, curious and caring about the world and the people that live in it. he is a compassionate soul. he is a thoughtful listener. he explores and discovers with enthusiasm.

to say he is easy going is an understatement. it's a middle child thing. but he rarely complains - although when he does, watch out! he is happy where he is, doing what he does.

he loves legos (still), video games, nerf guns, baseball (maybe like it a better word), role playing games, rap music (the clean stuff), jokes, head's up, and being random. but he hates the spotlight.

he is enlightened and intelligent. mature with his words. pensive and insightful. he is sensitive but with an outrageous sense of humor. he may not always share his feelings but when he does, watch out!

and he loves a good donut.

what more could a mom ask for? he is my happy place. my deep thinker. he is love. he is goofiness and sunshine and a head full of messy hair.

and i love him with all my being.

welcome to teen-hood.

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