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my one little word for 2015 | full

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one little word. one simple reminder of my goals, my priority, my focus.  an anchor.  a vision of what i want my year to be.  something to work for and lots to work on.

that is what my one little word has done for me every year.  it's a concept that ali edwards writes about, and many other people do, instead of resolutions at the beginning of the year.  i've been choosing a word for 7 years.  and it's been one of the best things i've done.  better than any resolution i've made, or kept.  better than a to do list for the year.  it's simple but effective.  at least it has been for me.

in the past my words have been; resolve, gratitude, time, focus, happy and dare. each one has meant something different to me. i still think about those words and the impact it has had on my life - big and small.

last year i couldn't settle on a word. i felt like i was forcing it, so i didn't choose one.  and as i have mentioned before, last year was a little weird.  i'm not saying that not choosing a word is what made the difference but i know that when i have that focus - and i use it - it changes things for me, in my choices and in how i approach situations.

so this year i am on board again.  and excited to see what happens.  in choosing a word i thought about what i want the outcome of the year to be.  in december of 2015 how do i want to describe my year?  i can say that in the past i had a year where i dared myself to try new things, a year where i focused on photography, and a year where i chose happiness.

so for 2015 i want to say my year was FULL.  a year full of adventure and laughter.  i want to have lived a full life.  i want to have a full heart with love and compassion.  i want to enjoy my full house.  i want to recognize when my plate is full - and be ok with saying no.  i want to have enjoyed things that were full of flavor and not cheat myself with junk.  there is a definite end goal here.

something that helps me pick a word is looking up quotes.  originally i thought my word was going to be thrive.  i love that thrive had a physical, emotional and financial component.  as i was looking up quotes i found many that said fill your heart with...  a full life is...  so i thought hmmm, maybe full is my word. and that's the one that stuck with me.

the other awesome thing is that i can adjust as the year goes along.  i am finding a connection with the words fill and fulfill.  fill is an action word and i love that.  i can fill things the way i want so eventually it will get full.  i think they go hand in hand.

i joined in on the one little word class taught by ali edwards and will be working on the monthly assignments.  my goal is to have a book full of inspiration and experiences that will help me see my own personal growth throughout the year.  now that's exciting.

for this month we worked on writing definitions, things we want to let go of, and our intentions.  i have taken this class in the past but i don't think i have ever been this engaged with the assignments as i am this year, or at least this month.

one of the exercises asked

what am i most excited about in 2015?

here's my answer:

"CHANGE - i'm ready for this next phase in our lives, more success, possibly a new career path for me that will bring accomplishment and personal satisfaction.  i'm excited to watch each of us grow and mature and come together at the end of the day to share our stories.  i feel like this year is a big year for us."

for me there is something about putting my thoughts down on paper.  expressing what i want.  it helps me immensely.  that is the biggest reason why i blog.  and one of my goals this year is to write something everyday.  to fill a page with words.  it's part of who i am.  i have filled a calendar with blog post ideas and will be posting on a regular basis.  did you notice i blogged 5 times this week?  my goal is to post 3-5 times a week.  but i will also write just for myself.  a quote, a thought, something the kids say that i want to remember.  writing is a big focus for me this year.

i know a few of my friends are going to join me in picking a word and find ways to make it a part of their year.  i'm excited to share this experience with them.  i hope you give this idea some thought.  let it sink in, and then choose a word.  it's really that simple.

have a great weekend.

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