Thursday, April 30, 2015

april recap

when people ask, "how are you", lately my answer has been exhausted. that is the best way to describe how i feel. this month started off slowly but has been full steam over the last few weeks. everything was going at once and we had to juggle it all.

and of course i tried to capture as much as i could.

our school had it's jogathon fundraiser - or walkathon for some. andrew was running for bonus points in science and he did great.

and sofia turned jordan's creepy halloween mask into nancy drew for her april book report. it's still creepy.

 the most exciting this was the release of the movie.  there was no premiere. instead they had a screening at the arclight in hollywood with a q&a afterwards. our friends won this event at the school gala. we were so excited to hang out with them for the night. and we promise to take them to a real hollywood premiere soon.

no words.

the 3rd and 4th grade chorus participated in the forum music festival and were awarded a silver rating. sofia even got to sing a little solo.

then we went to magic mountain to celebrate.

at notre dame we had the mother's guild fashion show & luncheon. my job was to make the signs for the progressive parties. these were simple but elegant and i loved that i could use my own handwriting.

there were tears inside the ballroom as the senior models honored their mothers with a rose and a photo.

lots of softball was played. sofia is doing much better. no hits but lots of walks, stolen bases, and a few plays in the outfield. she is loving it and now wants to pitch. lord help me.

she is also having fun on the volleyball court. she goes from practice to games in two sports and still has time to do homework and hang out with her friends. she is a superstar.

andrew is doing really well in baseball. despite the fact that we think his baseball bag with all of his equipment was stolen. he had a hitting streak, is walking and scoring. i guess it was a good thing.

jordan is really enjoying swimming this season and is getting so much faster. i am going to the last swim meet of the season today so i'll have a picture to post.

 bobby and i attended the csun distinguished alumni dinner. it was great to be a part of this event and to honor some of the graduates of csun who are making a difference. (and this caprese salad was so good.) note the name card.

jordan also had his percussion concert. they played some cool pieces, including uptown funk all on percussion instruments.

we celebrated a friend's 40th birthday at perch in downtown la. it was such a fun night hanging out with some of our friends.

jen did a great job putting this dinner together to honor her husband casey. the food, the view and the company were outstanding.

oh and the drinks were pretty darn good too.

sofia ran for mayor of her class and she won! her speech was so well thought out and she is really taking the job seriously. can't wait for the student showcase next month.

most of last week was spent sorting and getting ready for the school yard sale. wow, there was a lot of stuff and some great buys. congrats to all those who organized and executed this successful event.

bobby and i would split our sports duties. we relied on text messages to keep us up to date.  this was a good news one. so thankful for technology.

jord had a huge weekend last week. he played with his cousin at core-chella where chris goes to high school. they played two songs and looked so happy to be on stage.

he also made his confirmation on saturday with his friend ryan. these two have been friends since pre-school and have shared so many important events in their lives together.

my dad was his sponsor. it couldn't have been more perfect.

then we enjoyed lunch at our friends' home. it is the perfect party home and the catering and desserts were yummy.

my race is coming up soon and despite the fact that my running hasn't been a priority lately, i was able to run 12 miles on sunday. it's the longest and hardest training run of the season. now we taper and rest up for the big race.

and there was so much more that i wasn't able to capture or that has already left my memory. keeping up these days is getting harder. when we have some time to stop, we look at our lives and wonder what would we get rid of? not a thing.

school, sports and other activities are coming to an end soon. and then we will wonder what to do with all of our free time.

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