Friday, March 29, 2013

our weekend: part 2

i have to admit that we have been taking it slow this week.  i am definitely in vacation mode.  getting up in the morning is a slow process.  watching tv, staying in our pj's and just hanging out.  we've taken care of a few things; cleaning out the kids' closets, getting some new clothes for spring and keeping up with my running schedule.  but that's about it.

so i'm a little behind on my posts.  here's part 2 of our weekend and i will most likely have the march 5x12 post up this weekend.  but hey, it's my blog and there are no rules, right?

so where were we?
sunday, bobby had a meeting in beverly hills.  so it became a pit stop on our way to san diego for a birthday party.

he dropped me and the kids off at a park and then went to the four seasons for his meeting. it's been a while since we've been to a park.  they were resistant at first but then didn't want to get off the swings.  they really enjoyed watching and listening to the toddlers on the playground.

we took a walk around the neighborhood and saw the design center.

sur restaurant (any vanderpump rules fans out there?)

and decided to walk to lemonade for lunch.

i'd read about this place a lot and was so excited to finally get the chance to eat here.  and oh my.  we were impressed.

my sandwich was outstanding. buttermilk baked chicken, cole slaw, green tomatoes on pretzel bread. i'm hoping to replicate for our menu in the coming week.

i love this display of colorful dutch ovens filled with mac and cheese, soups and stews.

and the lemonade was excellent.  arnold palmer for me, old fashion for sofia and andrew.  but jordan's was the best.  pineapple lemonade with coriander.  so good.

bobby joined us after his meeting and grabbed a blueberry mint lemonade and some macaroons to go.  we will definitely visit the one in pasadena soon.

we made it to san diego in time for some birthday celebrating.

and meeting new family members.  sorry i didn't get any pictures of the birthday boy on my camera.

monday morning we left san diego and then we went out to laguna to meet up with our cousins from out of state.

we found the perfect little beach area that was quite and beautiful.  the kids played in the water.  threw the football around and made sandcastles.

nora touching sand and water for the first time.

we even saw a pod of dolphins swim by, very close to the shore.  see the fin on the left?

we stayed until dinnertime and then drove up pch to newport.

i found this restaurant on yelp with good reviews.  fish tacos and burritos were the perfect meal after spending the day at the beach.

that got us back on the road after traffic died down.  we had a relaxing little getaway to start off our spring break. it was great seeing everyone.  thanks for a great time.

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