Tuesday, March 12, 2013

all in a day: 3.9

my birthday always seems to come up and surprise me.  i feel like i'm just getting over the frenzy of the holidays, celebrating jordan's birthday (which took us into february), then valentine's day and boom it's my birthday.  i love that everyone asks what i'm going to do and are surprised when i say nothing.  just chill at home with the family.  maybe order a pizza.

this year my birthday landed on a saturday.  naturally that means we should have a party, right?  well, no.  but it did mean that we could celebrate late into the night whatever that may be.

because it was a saturday that also meant that i had running to do.  and this day the training involved a five mile course with a steep incline.  our trainer always makes fun of me because he knows hills are not my favorite thing in the world.  but i do them knowing the downhill is the best feeling.  and honestly, i don't have a choice.

my running buddies.
i loved starting the day by challenging myself.  it felt good. and oh what a beautiful day.  the weather was just how i love it.

a good breakfast after a great workout is my favorite part of the day.  i've earned every bite.

then jordan and i had to get to notre dame to register for school.  i loved that i got to spend some alone time with him.  we both talked about being nervous and excited about the change ahead.  i got to tell him how proud i am of everything he has done. and i got a better insight into what he wants to do with his life. (he has no idea. but his interests and talents are widespread, so the sky's the limit.)

we went to a few presentations and learned about course load, financial commitments, and all of the extras that go along with the high school experience.  we even had to track down a sweatshirt since they had put them all away by the time we were ready to purchase.

doesn't he look good?

we left the high school and hurried to the baseball field to catch the last two innings of andrew's game.

that's him on second base.
i think andrew did this for my benefit but at his next at bat he hit a double right into centerfield.  i missed the actual hit because i was trying to position myself to take his picture.  but i heard the crowd cheering and looked up to see him running to second.  the next batter drove him home and he crossed home plate with the biggest smile on his face.  i love that he's doing so well and enjoying his sport.

two of his grandparents were there to celebrate their second win and to give me a birthday hug.

before heading home sofia and i had nail appointments at our favorite salon.  she is a pro at this now, picking her colors (pink with silver sparkles), sitting patiently while the lady paints her nails, and then waiting for them to dry before touching anything.

showing off our manicures.
she told me in the car that she wants this to be our new birthday tradition.  sounds like a plan.

a stop at starbucks for my free birthday coffee - venti skinny caramel macchiato and a hot chocolate for the girl.

at home we relaxed while bobby went to softball practice with his new team.  then my parents came over to pick up the kids so bobby and i could go to dinner and a movie.

bobby gets to enjoy some nice lunches through his work. he comes home and says "i went to this restaurant that you would love."  so he planned an evening to take me to one of those places.

sushi. yes, please.  katsuya in hollywood, alrighty.

we ordered the rock shrimp over spicy tuna roll.  the best thing i've had in a long time.  i mean really good.  we could have had two.  we also got ceviche, tuna on crispy rice and the lobster on a california roll.  oh and this brew.

a-ma-zing!  no time for dessert.  we had a movie to catch.

we had tickets to see side effects at the arclight.  i had heard good things about this movie and frankly we've either seen everything else or really didn't have an interest in what else was out.  not the most cheerful movie - it deals with depression and the side effects of medication.  but it was well acted and we were drawn in to the story.  overall a thumbs up.

love this display on one of the walls.  we stood on the stairs and identified all of the movies we've seen - it was a lot.  of course many of them we watched in school.  but some of the classics i hadn't seen.  must put those on my todo list.

here we are waiting for the movie with our big tub of popcorn and a drink.  there is always room for popcorn.

my favorite part of the night was walking back to our car.  the streets of hollywood on a saturday night are a sight to behold.  people watching, listening to the guy rap in front of the restaurant.  limos pulling up every two seconds. the stars on the sidewalk.  i forget sometimes that we live in the shadow of this famous city.  i forget that bobby sees the glamorous and crazy side of this business everyday. it's still exciting and scary and entertaining for me.

i couldn't do this every saturday night.  but once in a while it's kind of fun to step into this world.

that's how it went.  my birthday come and gone.  celebrated exactly the way i wanted.  thanks for the facebook notes, the texts, cards and phone calls.  it's nice to be reminded how much you are loved.  thank you to all for making it a special day.

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