Wednesday, March 6, 2013

our weekend in pictures: friends, dolls and baseball

we packed a lot of fun into our weekend.  we started celebrating on friday with the good news that jordan was accepted to both high schools.  and it was even more exciting to find out that he was accepted with honors - meaning he is eligible to take honors level courses his freshman year.  we are so proud of him and know he will do well next year wherever he goes.

friday night i went out with some girlfriends for foot massages and appetizers.  amy organized the crew and took us to a great little place that offers a 60 minute massage for $20.  can't beat that.  and with all my aching muscles i needed it.

afterwards it was appetizers, wine and even an early birthday celebration.  i love these girls.  thanks amy for getting us together.

saturday morning, i did my run and then met bobby and the kids at the baseball field for opening day.  i love this banner with photos of each of the kids.  bobby took the pictures of the boys and then had the banner made. we have a good team this year.  excited to see them play this season. go marlins!

after showering and getting some lunch the boys and i went out for our school's mother and son bowling night.  neither one of them really wanted to go. but once we got there and they saw their friends and knocked down a few pins they were had a blast. and so did i.

this is the last mother and son event at cha for me with both boys.  kind of sad,  but so much to look forward to next year.

we came home and then bobby and i headed out to hang with some new friends who were hosting a chili cook-off and poker tournament.  bobby has become friends with these folks through school but i am new to the group and was a little anxious.  and well, poker is not my thing.

i know the basics - what hand beats what, but i've never played for real.  and i was at a table with all guys.  they gave me a quick lesson and then i was on my own.  at one point i was the chip leader at the table - beginners luck, right?  bobby made it to the final table and then lost. we had a great time and hope to get together with them more often.

then it was sunday.  another run.

back to the house to get sofia and off we went to the grove to meet up with some of our friends from school.  we took the girls to the american girl doll store for lunch and shopping.

we've never been here and were blown away by what they had - a hair salon, hospital to get doll repairs, photography studio.  it was insane.  sofia's doll was passed down to her from her aunt and grandma sue sews all of her clothes, so this was a whole new world for us.

the girls sat at lunch with their dolls and enjoyed pasta, pink lemonade and dessert.

and mimosas for the moms.  this place has something for everyone.

everything about this place is so cute and sweet (and expensive). luckily we had some of her christmas money with us so we bought her doll an outfit, a book bag with a miniature binder, pencils and a pair of glasses. this place is heaven for these girls.

finally we went to andrew's first baseball game of the season.  marlins vs. pirates.  at andrew's 3rd at bat  the bases were loaded and he got a base hit driving in 2 runs!!  despite getting out he had the biggest smile on his face.  it was the perfect ending to our weekend.

luckily the kids had monday off so we could recover from all the fun.

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