Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 menu: week 13

pho ga from last week. need to work a little bit on my version to get it right.
we are starting our spring break off right.  the last 3 days were amazing hanging out with friends and family.  i ran a 10k, jordan took a high school placement test and andrew had an awesome baseball game. we got home yesterday from san diego where we spent time with family, hung out at the beach and drove up the coast.

and we have been eating and eating and eating.  even with all the running i'm doing i don't think i am making up for the calories i am consuming.  so this week it's back to the basics of balance and portion control.

last week our schedule was all over the place.  i changed around our menu and ended up not making a couple of the meals i had.  so they are back on the menu for this week.

weekend eats:
saturday: arigato sushi
sunday: birthday party - chicken asada burritos
monday: fish tacos from bear flag fish company in newport

making this week
tuesday: sopes de chorizo
wednesday: bbq salmon salad
thursday: slow cooker chicken black bean tacos, rice
friday: tuna melts, salad

happy tuesday!

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