Wednesday, March 27, 2013

our weekend: part 1

this past saturday i ran the great race of agoura hills 10k.  this was the same race that i ran as a 5k two years ago and what really got me started running.  last year i also ran this race as part of my training for the half marathon.

this race is a mid point in our training.  it is a similar course to the one in santa barbara, so it's a good gauge as to how the training is going.

saturday morning i was up at 5:15 am to get ready and then out the door by 6.  i met up with our trainer at starbucks and then we walked to the starting line.

while waiting for our start i found a friend.  this race is very popular so i was expecting to see someone that i knew.

it felt comfortable for me to be at the start of another race.  i was excited to run and see if i had improved from last year. but i did feel pressure to do better.  to be faster.  and to see my time improve.

after the national anthem and the first wave of runners were off we made our way to the start. i turned up my new playlist and started running.

along the way i wanted to capture some of the sights.  the sun peeking through the trees, the old agoura sign, the crowds of people running the streets.  but i knew that it would slow down my pace to get my iphone out and i was feeling good.

i did manage to get this picture right at 3 miles.  in the process i accidentally turned off my running program so it didn't monitor the rest of the race.  huge bummer.

i had to go on feeling, running fast when i felt i could and having to walk up part of the last hill to the five mile marker.  then racing to the end.

as usual that last quarter mile i took off my headphones and just listened to the crowds cheering us to the finish line.  i also looked for our trainer who was watching from the finish line.

i crossed the finish line at 1:03:17,  taking 3 minutes off my time from last year.  it felt so good to cross and finish strong.  it felt even better to eat pancakes, bagels and have some water.  i strolled the after party for a bit, met up with team mates and then had to get home for a birthday party.

i took sofia to a friends birthday party at sky high.  this place is awesome if you like trampolines.  the kids get to bounce, jump, throw balls and have a great time.  i was feeling pretty sore from my run in the morning so i just watched.

after the party it was off to andrew's baseball game.  his team was on a winning streak outscoring their opponents by a big margin.  but this game ended their winning streak and reminded the boys that they have to work for every win.

honestly, this team is really good.  the players can hit, run and catch.  we've got a beast of a team.  and unlike last year, andrew is finding his way.  he is a more confident player, with a good attitude.

they trailed most of the game and found themselves down by 4 in the last inning.  andrew went up to bat and worked the pitch count to 3-2, fouling a couple off.  he finally made good contact and hit the ball to center field bringing in 2 runs and making it to second base.  on the next batter he scores and the game is now a 1 run game.  unfortunately they just came up short and lost.  but it was really exciting to see andrew so involved in the game.

after the game andrew was awarded the game ball. he didn't brag about it and didn't even tell us he got it. he hid it in his baseball bag.  but i knew.  he doesn't like to make a big deal about it and honestly, doesn't like the attention.  but we are so proud of him.
way to go andrew!

saturday ended with all of us exhausted but feeling pretty good about our accomplishments.  lots to be proud of.

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