Friday, March 22, 2013

around here: march

 it's crazy how quickly this school year has gone. we had our last parent teacher conferences of the year yesterday.  our meeting with jordan's teachers was emotional - last one ever!  they know him so well and continue to encourage and challenge him.  graduation is just around the corner.

 sofia is constantly drawing and making art.  i love finding these treasures in her backpack.

 we can't get enough of this bread.  it's so good!  this week i bought one for us and one for my sister.

 got the sweetest surprise on our doorstep.  the joe-joe's i've been looking for since the holidays.  a sweet friend found them, bought them and mailed them to us.  thanks nancy!!

 flowers blooming.

 found this plant at trader joe's.  love the story behind it.

 making some decorating decisions.  finally replaced my christmas doormat with this one.

visited the home goods by our house.  oh man this could be trouble.  this trip i just picked up two glass pieces for the new bookcases.  love this green.

yesterday i picked up my race packet for the 10k on saturday.  i have to admit i am feeling anxious even though this is the easy race.  just half the distance i will be doing in may.  but races give you that nervous energy that make you run faster, so it's a good thing.

looking forward to spending time with these three.  a little bit of work and a whole lot of fun will be had.

hoping to write some long overdue posts for next week.  lots of pictures to share.

have a happy weekend.

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