Sunday, March 31, 2013

5 x 12 : march

  • i turned 43 (that might be the last time i admit that).
  • jordan was accepted to both high schools with honors.
  • we registered him at notre dame high school. (i have to apologize to those friends and family who were unclear that jordan was going to high school not college.  though i love that you think he's smart enough to get accepted.)
  • sofia celebrated the 100th day of school, dr. seuss day, the first grade assembly, and the father daughter dance.
  • the kids ran in the school jog-a-thon and raised money for their school.
  • i ran a 10k.
  • i had the best sushi and the best sandwich.
  • we went bowling, go cart racing, and made two trips to the beach.
  • i learned to play poker for real.
  • we enjoyed our spring break.
  • andrew rocked it at the plate gaining confidence at each at bat.
  • bobby flew to berkley for lunch.
  • the boys watched season 2 & 3 of lost.
  • sofia watched high school musical 241 times!
  • we started watching house of cards on netflix.
  • i found new music.
  • we filled this month with happy memories.
enjoying our easter today.  hope you are too.

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Anonymous said...

and you met Family in march :) I found your blog, very lovely. Pls tell your Boy that we hope he had a wonderful birthday :)
Hope to see you again soon. Hug everyone around from me. The Germans say hi :)

Manuela :)