Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 x 12 | january

in 2011 i started monthly posts with a family picture and information on what we've done. i didn't make it through the year but what i did post, i love.  and now looking back wish i had continued it for 12 months.

one thing that will hopefully keep me going is my goal to take 12 family pictures this year. one a month.  it's crazy how much we change.  jordan seems to grow everyday.  andrew is getting taller as well.  sofia is looking older.  needless to say so are me and bobby (nothing a little photoshop can't fix, wink, wink.)  having these pictures will be a true sign of how our family is growing.

along with the pictures i will add a little documentation for the month - highlights if you will.

  • we rang in the new year at home, just the five of us.
  • jr turned 14.
  • we saw the space shuttle endeavour.
  • we made it through a very cold month - ok cold for california.
  • we made 2 trips to ikea for some new furnishings.
  • the boys had 2 basketball games each (2 games were rescheduled due to rain)
  • jr's team is 1-1.
  • aj's team is . . .having fun.
  • 3 great dentist appointments for the kids.
  • bobby got one ski trip in.
  • i made pasta from scratch.
  • jr advanced to the finals in the school spelling bee. (he finished 4th.)
  • jr is halfway through his high school interviews and tests. send positive thoughts his way, please.
  • sg is addicted to the suite life of zack and cody.
  • aj is showing lots of interest in revolutionary history. he loves to tell me stories about what he learned in school that day. 
  • both boys got stellar report cards. of course we gave them heck for the a-.
  • we are so happy for our family in colorado who just welcomed a new baby boy.  can't wait to meet milo.
it's been a good month for the mitas family.  hoping to share at the end of every month.

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