Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 4

hot chocolate in the snow!
we had a great 3 day weekend in the snow, some quad riding and racking our wine.

this week i'm looking forward to taking a pasta making class.  if it goes well you will see a lot of pasta on future menus. jordan is getting his drums delivered and i have some decorating to do - working on our living room.

weekend eats:
saturday: chili cook-off and cornbread - no winners but lots of good food.
sunday: homemade pizza, salad and leftover chili
monday: leftovers

making this week:
tuesday: ravioli with marinara, salad
wednesday: salmon and spinach rolls, greek salad (didn't make this last week)
thursday: chicken tacos and rice
friday: stromboli

happy this is a 4 day week!!

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