Tuesday, January 8, 2013

all in one day

i think i've made it obvious that our family leads a busy life.  whether it's sports, or school, family or friends, work or home we are in constant motion, and sometimes going in 5 different directions at once.

sometimes it all works in harmony and sometimes we are a mess trying to get it all done.  it helps when we all need to be at the same place.  this past saturday we had one of those days where at the end we wondered how we did it all.  i decided to document it on instagram and write about it here.

it all started with an article in westways magazine about downtown la.  bobby read it and was inspired to discover a little bit of our city - something we don't do enough of.

then i remembered a bakery that i've been wanting to go to, and we decided to throw in a visit to see the space shuttle endeavor.

all in one day.

it started, as all good journeys do, at the car wash.

then it was on to atwater village to get breakfast at proof bakery.

here's where ideas can sometimes go wrong.  i read about this bakery on oh joy!  she wrote that it was her favorite place to get fresh croissants with her family... of three . . .and one of them is a baby.  the photos she posted were beautiful.  so we went, only to find a tiny store front, packed with hipsters, and no place to sit.  we walk in, all five of us, and get stares from hipsters and young folks.  we were definitely out of place.  so i took the two younger kids and stepped outside while bobby ordered whatever he could.  $32 later we were back in the car with 4 croissants, 3 chocolate milks, 2 cappuccinos, and a spinach quiche.  and everyone was still hungry.  fail!

not the best idea.  the food was good but meant for 2 people, or take out. definitely not a family (of 5) friendly place.

our next stop was chinatown.

originally we thought about getting dim sum for breakfast, but we had reservations to see endeavour and wanted to visit the museum a bit beforehand.  so we'll leave that for another time.

a quick tour of little tokyo.

then we made it to the califonia sciencenter.

i still think it's so cool that this museum is free.  the kids and i have visited many times over the years, we are a science loving family.  and there have been school fieldtrips here as well.

andrew was excited to show us the ecosystems exhibit where we visited the dessert, a kelp forest, tide pools, and the north pole.

i loved this infrared scanner that showed you your body temperature.

see the blue on my nose?  that means i'm cold.  i had more blue on my body than anyone else in my family.  further proof that i was not meant to live in temperatures below 75 78 degrees.

finally it was time to see endeavour.  we toured the exhibit and read about the space program, failed missions, even some classified missions - andrew was intrigued.  and of course we had to see the presentation on using the potty in space, very informative.  the tour ends in the hangar where the space shuttle is currently housed.

it was impressive and breathtaking.

seeing the usa flag and the nasa logo made us all emotional.  we took pictures and saw video presentations and read more about this journey.  worthwhile to have made the visit.

by the time we left the museum my ear was hurting pretty bad.  i've been sick since our trip to mexico and it lead to an ear infection.  bobby had a meeting at work - yes on a saturday - so we dropped the kids off with grandparents and then stopped at urgent care for a quick check up and prescription.

on our way back from urgent care we saw the burbank rose parade entry for this year's rose parade.  so naturally, we stopped to take a closer look.

i grew up watching the parade, in person and on tv.  my parents would take us every year to see the floats stationed after the parade.  they are truly magnificent.  so this brought back memories and inspired me to get information on getting involved with the float committee this year. is this starting to sound like a "if you give a mouse a cookie" book?

we finally ended up back at bob and d's house for chinese food and a little rest before heading home.
and an awesome fortune!

quite the day, don't you think?  but it's perfectly normal for our family.

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