Friday, January 25, 2013

pasta making and dare #3

jennifer and i made the trip back to chez cherie for another fun cooking class.  this time we attempted the pasta making class.  we've both tried making past before but didn't have much luck.  taking a class is the perfect way to get over our fear and learn from the pros. it was one of my dares for the year.  get over your fear and learn how to do it.

chez chérie is a cooking school in la cañada. it's where we took the tapas class last year.  it's out of the way for us but we had a good time in the first class so we thought we'd do it again.

the first part of the class was lecture.  cherie showed us how to make pasta by hand  and in the food processor.  that's the way to go.
while we watched we enjoyed some salad and focaccia bread.

then it was out turn.

i tried making pasta at home once by hand.  my dough never came together so i threw it out.  this way was so much easier.  the machine does the work for you.

 a little beat of kneading and you're done.  brilliant!

a few times through the pasta machine.

and then the cutter.

voila beautiful, fresh pasta.

for dinner we had regular pasta and spinach pasta with ragu sauce made with pork and pesto, and more focaccia.

another successful class taken.  more recipes learned. and hopefully a lot of good meals to come our way.  next on the class list, the trader joe's cooking class.

dare #3: make it from scratch
i can't tell you how delicious it is to eat something made from scratch.  i'm trying to learn more recipes and incorporate them into our life.  it takes a little more effort but it's so worth it.  my challenge to you is to make it from scratch.  here are some places to start:

flour tortillas
hamburger buns - truly a favorite
english muffins - next on my list
jam - there are lots of recipes out there.  we made some over the summer and it was beyond amazing.

is it easier to go to the market and buy a box of pasta? for sure. but fresh pasta is so much tastier.  this takes more time and a little more effort, but now i know what's in it; eggs and flour, and that feels good.  so give it a try.  spend a little time making it yourself. i dare you!

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