Friday, January 11, 2013

dare #2: the secret

do you know the secret?

remember back in 2006, the secret book and video were all the rage?  it talked about the law of attraction and positive thinking. sending a thought and energy into the universe and watching it come back to you.  i remember seeing the movie along with my family and feeling inspired, but skeptical.

then it was on the oprah show...
and it took off like crazy.  i remember having phone calls with people about how to practice the "method".  i don't remember if i actually tried it, i guess if i did i would have a better story to tell.

i do remember talking to my dad who decided to give it a try.  he sent a thought out into the universe, more as a test than anything else.  but it was a very specific thought with a date attached.  guess what? it happened. coincidence?  maybe. but there is something to be said about positive thinking, and believing in the possibility.

the other thing that sticks in my mind is the interview that oprah had with jim carrey years prior where he talks about visualization.  imagining that dream and then working towards it.  if you haven't seen the video you can watch it here.

that brings me to today.  this year has already started off with such great energy and momentum.  i feel excited and know good things are coming our way.  for that reason, i wanted to practice the secret and out send out something into the universe to see what happens.

i grabbed my calendar and picked a date and wrote what i feel is possible this year.  i don't want to reveal what i wrote, but trust me it's not a baby or a $10 million check and we're not moving to tuscany - although that would be awesome. it's a first step towards something bigger and better for our lives.  it would mean that the seeds we planted many years ago are finally taking root.  are you in suspense?  sorry, it's just something personal that we hope for every year.  i believe this is the year it happens for us.

it's not about putting it out there and then not working towards it.  it's not coming to us for free.  i know there are changes i have to make, work that needs to be done and conditions that need to be met. but something is telling me that it is the right time. this is the year.

dare #2: have a secret
think about the coming year.  what is something that you would like to see happen this year?  something that you can work towards?  maybe something you've always wanted to do.  you have all year to achieve it.  pick a date and write it down. believe in it. and work towards it.  i dare you!
in 2013 i will dare myself in many ways.  no more thinking about it, planning for or waiting to be ready.  no, it's time to get it done.  and even if i fail, i will fail while daring greatly.

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Sandy said...

Love this! I've had mine in mind and working towards it too. :)