Friday, February 1, 2013

diy and dare #4

i love pinterest. L-O-V-E pinterest.

i have a nice collection of boards with inspiring images that make me want to make things, go places, and think.  yes, it can be a waste of time but if i get something useful out of it, it's time well spent.

i've been inspired by fashion, decor and quotes. and have had my share of successes.  but there's a lot on there that i've pinned and haven't done anything with.

last week i went out and bought the materials to actually make something from my diy board.  i am going to make it this weekend and post about it next week.  nothing like pressure to get things done.

i'm making a burlap wreath.  and here's what i got.

it's an easy project that i know i can finish in a weekend.  check back next week for the final product.

dare #4 - make something this weekend
take a look at my boards, spend a little time on pinterest.  i am sure you will find something to inspire you.  find one thing and make it this weekend.  i dare you.

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